Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Because I am committed to blogging about the important things

Okay did anyone out there read The Book of the Dun Cow?

Did you like it or hate it or did you (inexplicably) find that it raised no great emotion in you?


Veronica Mitchell said...

Thanks for leaving the comment at my place. Is that how you found me/

I loved the Book of the Dun Cow, but I recognize it is not for everyone. It is a strange sort of fantasy. I found it beautiful.

If you liked wangerin, but did not care for that particular book, I recommend Miz Lil and the Chronicles of Grace. It is a collection of autobiographical short stories. Many of the same themes are there, but set in more familiar surroundings.

rachel said...

I read it when I was about 12, and loved it. But I remember almost nothing about it (except for being struck by the name "Chanticleer" when I encountered it again in the Canterbury Tales, years later.)