Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Nothing much going on over here

"Oh, I can have coffee", I chirrupped, "I'm not going to sleep tonight anyway."

That was at 7 pm. By midnight I was snoring. I think. I can't hear myself snore but people tell me I knew it. And sure enough, seconds later, there was a small boy standing beside my bed.

"Nightmare?" I asked.

"No", he replied "I just thought you should get up because I just woke up and it's 7:50."

ACK GASP SPLUTTER hurry like a mad fool. Manage to break the kitchen tap right off and spray the kitchen walls before trapping the hose (it's one of those ones that you can pull out. Or, it was one of those. Now it's one of those ones, only broken, so it has a cloth tied around the hose so that it doesn't disappear inside the tap.) Throw the dog in the backyard and pray she pees. Try to encourage and not shout and drive B to school and chase A's bus with the van because there is Ladies Bible Study in this disaster zone in less than half an hour so you can NOT drive her to school and do not yell, do not yell, do not yell and do not say ANYthing about how she can't leave the house until her hair, her beautiful curly hair, is as straight as a poker and get home and unload and reload the dishwasher and tidy the living room and clean (the worst parts of) the bathroom and start to make coffee and oh my goodness, I'm still not over it. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. I'm counting the hours until I can lie down.

Not much up tonight though - picking up books from Christian Publications (Hollywood Nobody - YAY! the last Heavenly Daze book - YAY! etc - YAY!) and taking A to the doctor and then maybe to get her finger xrayed and returning jackets and sweaters and pillows to the girls who were sleeping here this weekend and finding something for supper and having a Bible Study here tonight. Right now I'm babysitting. Babysitting gets easier when your kids are 8. It's not so much "babysitting" as it is "finding out where the kids are every half an hour or so and listening for bloodcurdling screams". I'm drinking an ice cold Fresca, and other than the fact that my eyes are still unwilling to focus, what with being so rudely yanked open this morning, life is good.


Vacant Uterus said...

Girl, you make me laugh! The entries where you describe your day-to-day life are my favorites.

And thanks for pointing out the use of Sarge's real name in my alst blog post. I fixed it. :-)

Kay said...

you snore?