Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Not the best day ever

Work - I spend all morning in a human rights session about how to avoid having harrassment claims filed in the workplace. I learn that I can be charged with harrassment if I make any kind of comment about your race, your religion, your physical disability, your gender or your sexual orientation, but you know what? If I taunt you about your WEIGHT, the law doesn't care.

Hoo boy do I care. I'm still steaming about that when my cell phone rings. It's A, and.among other things, her lunch money has been stolen and she's really close to completely coming apart. I leave work for the day and take her to Tim Horton's for chili.

I get home and walk the dog and tidy the house because the appraiser from the bank is coming to assess the house at 4. At 3, B and the boy I look after after school come in.

"I can't talk so good," B says, holding his face. "A bully punched me right in the face on the playground after school."

I polished up my outrage and grabbed the phone but he had already told the vice prinicipal, so I made him Kraft Dinner for an after-school snack instead.

M sits down beside me on the couch. "Some kids at my school play a silly game", he said. "They all play "Keep away from M germs" where someone touches me so everyone runs away screaming."

It's why we need to be cheerful moms, why sometimes there should be chocolate cake, why we need to put down what we're doing and listen. It's a rotten world out there some days - let's make our homes a refuge for those people we love the most.


Vacant Uterus said...

Ugh, what an ugly day. Good thing your kids have a mom like you to come home to.

Megan DiMaria said...

Uh. I'm so sorry. Some days are just like that. Give your kids an extra hug. And have someone give you an extra hug too.

A prisoner of hope,

tonya said...

Oh, I am so sorry you had such a tough day. You sound like such a great mom. My hugs go out to you and your kids.

ccap said...

Okay, that pretty much made me cry. And I'm with you: Let them eat cake (or chili or KD).

Kay said...

Good mommy! Bad world.
I've always been of the opinion that mean people suck.
And the weight thing... I'd rather have someone say something to me about all of those other things...

pamero said...

oh man. I am SO glad I am not a kid anymore. I remember so many days like that. I am glad that I can still have my mom comfort me. Just. Like. That. :)Isn't it nice to know it sticks with you till your a grown up?

Slow'n'Steady said...

people are stupid

cinnamon buns = love

kd and chili do too

i'm glad urmy friend

The Koala Bear Writer said...

What everybody in the world needs: a mom who is there for them when they lose their lunch money or get punched in the face. :)

VAIL said...

Well said. Often we forget that our little ones can have bad days too. And just like when we have them and want to go home to our hubby and hide in a hug - so do they!