Thursday, October 18, 2007

Much better today, thanks

So last night, for some reason, I had one of those nights where rage crouches inside your head like a caged tiger, just itching to burst out.

I can often distract myself, and so I tried writing, and got 70 words in before Word started typing obscure special characters instead of quotes and question marks, and I closed it down and then when I tried to re-open it, all shortcuts to Word had disappeared from my desktop. When I called TechnoBoy to help me, he asked me WAIT? What? WAIT? I ground my teeth to stumps and 3.6 minutes later he came and fixed it and I stuck my tongue out at my computer and remembered ...

Migraines. Biggest clue I am getting one? Unreasonable murderous rage.

I went to bed.

The migraine has not materialized. I'm hoping I tricked it.

ps the 70 words? I'm so stuck. Is Kraith going to surrender the wood without question or is Brynn going to have to argue with him? Or follow him and steal it? or ??? I don't think it's fair of Brynn to make Kraith compromise himself like that, just when things are going so much better for him.

1 comment:

Kay said...

i so agree with you, forced compromise is never fair.
But conflict on every page is the other thing.
I hope the migraine took a wrong turn and ends up in Alaska. In some already cranky codger who won't even notice a migraine.