Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Kid bits

I forget what I was talking about, but I said "Hey, I know - stick it in your ear." (I was talking to B)

B laughed. "No, we could stick it in your ear, and then it would land on your cochlea."

Me: "Cochlea?"

B: Oh fine, then, the part that looks like a water slide."

Me: "Did you say cochlea?"

B: "Well it's not like it would get as far as the hammer."

Me: "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, the COCHLEA."


The kids are back in piano lessons. One of them is doing very well. I had the following conversation with the other one today.

Me: I think we need to talk about the lies you're telling yourself.

Child: I'm not lying!!!

Me: Not out loud you're not. I mean the lies you are telling yourself in your head about how you can't play the piano.

Child: Oh, those.


A ordered a hair straightener for her birthday. She straightened her hair almost immediately, and it looks great. It looks great curly, too, but she is just so pleased. She can't stop touching it, and styling it, and looking at it in the mirror.

There's no punchline to that one, I'm just sayin'.

Ok what else? The dog is still cute, and really smart when she wants to, and really very stupid when she wants to be.

And Yipes! I'm teaching an 8 week poetry workshop, like someone who knows what she's talking about, starting next Monday. I'm a bit overwhelmed - I only put my name on the list because Intro Poetry never has enough registrants, and I was tired of disappointing people who wanted to teach. So ha ha, joke's on me. And all those people who signed up hoping to learn something.


Slow'n'Steady said...

No comments yet? I'm the first? That's a first!

How many people are in this course?

First of all, if you were saying how well you were going to do, I would gag and unsignup. Not that I have any doubt about your ability (I wouldn't come if that were the case) but really, I have lived with a successful overachiever my whole adult life and he is great because he thinks he isn't.

You are the genuine article, baby. The true reality show.

In our weakness... (fill in the blank)....

Megan DiMaria said...

So? Is the dog still okay after eating the silica thingummies? I just spent w-a-y too much $$ to heal my dog from an inappropriate-ingestion problem. Oy.

A prisoner of hope,

Kay said...

Well, Susan. You can do this and don't listen to any of your lies.