Thursday, October 04, 2007

In the spirit of Art Linkletter

So we're sitting around doing the things we do. B drapes himself over my shoulder and says "I really want to try dirtbiking some day."

A looks up from a craft. "And that's just the kind of random thing boys say all the time."


Driving home last night, and A is in one of those scrape-me-off-the-ceiling giddy moods. I say something mild about bedtime when we get home or something and she shrieks "What's your ..." and then there is a long pause in which she proves to me that she can indeed think before she speaks, as she is considering the maternal impact of the word 'problem' in this sentence, and then she finishes "...dilemna???"

The dilemna, my oh so verbal child, is how on earth to teach you not to be rude when I am laughing that hard!!!

It's her birthday today.

I'm a lucky lucky woman.


ccap said...

Happy birthday, A! Seems like yesterday.

Trish said...

Happy birthday A! Hee hee what a *dilemma* to be in! :)

Kay said...

Tell your girl Happy Birthday. It would be cool if your A could meet my A. They seem to have similar minds, but different interests.

Megan DiMaria said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for visiting my blog. The party's not till April. Want to come??

I'm glad you had fun at your writers conference. Did I mention that Angela Hunt will be the keynote for the ACFW conference next year in Minneapolis? IT's in September. Put it on your calendar.

A prisoner of hope,

Accidental Poet said...

Hi Megan :)

When in April? I'm coming to Colorado for the Angie/Nancy/Kathryn/Al conference April 27-30 - if your launch was that weekend, how cool would that be?

Also yes you DID mention Angie keynoting at the ACFW but I can't follow her all over North America :) Although one of these years I might have an actual book to flog, and have to show up at an ACFW (the thought totally intimidates me)

Will you be at Glen Eyrie in April?


Anonymous said...

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