Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hey Heather!!

Are you up sewing costumes?

I am!!

Wish you were here.


ccap said...

Ah ha ha ha ha! That one got me laughing 'til I'm crying. Thanks.

Flicka said...

I was up watching YouTube videos on how to wrap a sari!

Kay said...

What kind of costumes? Do we get pictures?
My kids just each got a gorilla mask. The rest is up to them.

Heather said...

Too funny - I should have checked your blog before going to bed last night - at around 11:00 when I'd finished the last costume! But I was too tired and cranky (about the monkey ear that wouldn't sew on straight) and went straight to bed.

Heather said...

p.s. Yeah, I wish I were there too. Maybe you would have had more luck with the monkey ear. Or with convincing Maddie that the white shirt looks GOOD with the red fairy skirt.