Friday, October 05, 2007

Add to your reading list

I'm going to quote a paragraph to you, and then I'm going to ask you all to go lend support to my dear never-met-in-person friend T, who is writing her story. October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

When he came (back) home, a couple of hours later, the bruise was starting. It wasn't horrible yet, but it was starting. He had gone to get a haircut, and while he was there, he paid for me to get my hair cut & colored. Wasn't that nice?

She's at, and her courage humbles me. (Her first post on the topic is dated October 1.)


gkgirl said...

thank you for sharing
this blog post...
she is a powerful writer
with experience-no-one-should-have-to-have
to draw upon.

Kay said...

I checked it out, too. Brought back some unpleasant memories for me, but those were not even first hand.
It is so hard for someone like me to understand why anyone would tolerate that, but I know from talking to my friend that the mental twisting these guys use is so powerful and effective. If a girl feels needy enough, she will believe him. And aren't we all needy in some way or another?

Trish said...

Thank you! Your friendship is so wonderful, and you are one of the reasons that I am able to do this. :o) Your support over the past 7 years has been amazing. (can you believe it's been that long???)