Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I know you were expecting that dried moldy old post from a few weeks back - sorry to disappoint you.

I've been sulking. My children have once again been sucked into the great maw of the public education system, and while I miss them dreadfully, I am apparently not bothered enough to homeschool them. A is in Junior High this year (middle school for you south of the 49th-ers), and B is in Grade 3. Still young, but just yesterday A was feeding B a bottle in this very house. Just yesterday.

Right. Moving on. It's been an interesting transition. Historically one of my children has done extremely well with the transition, skipping gaily off to school in the mornings and tra-la-la-ing home at night, while the other one has adjusted with equal ease, provided time is scheduled for complete and utter lying-on-the-floor kicking and screaming meltdowns once or twice a day. Or hour.

It's a bit different this year. There are no completely falling apart meltdowns, but there are meltdowns. However, the child throwing paper across the room and screaming in frustration is the child who should be singing. The child with the reputation for tantrumming is moving pragmatically through life Doing What Comes Next with remarkable equilibrium and attendant good cheer.

Today I had a perspective shift that helped with it all, thankfully. I have no idea if I'll be able to hold onto this perspective, but for today, it was a blessing.

I watched my child melt down completely, and thought "Why are you acting like this? You know better!" and then I thought - "Wow. Yes you do know better. This is not you. This is being tired and adjusting to school." and instead of punishment, I offered understanding and there was refocussing and the homework got done.

And ...thanks God, for stepping in for us. We all needed that.


Heather said...

Yeah, my kids keep surprising me too.

Before leaving for her first day of school, Maddie said, with tears in her eyes, "Mom, I feel like I'm gonna puke." And Julie, the voice of experience, chimed in and said "Yeah, Maddie, that's called butterflies."

Kay said...

your kids sound so much like mine. And the one who has always liked school is not liking this new one. And the one who normally doesn't like it... well, he still doesn't, but maybe not as intensly as in the past.
Got to keep relying on God for that stepping in part. Thanks for the reminder.