Sunday, August 12, 2007

Well that was great

It was great. Really great. Yesterday afternoon I found myself all by myself in my vehicle headed home from a board meeting a few hours from home and I thought "Why not find a place to hole up and write for awhile?" My family already knew I wasn't home - and a few hours turned into all night and then again this morning and while the word count still isn't something that excites me because I know how long a book is, I spent at least EIGHT HOURS working on my book this weekend.


And I still have this hotel room for another half an hour.


VAIL said...

You go girl!

Kay said...

cool! I need to do that. I even have a gift card for a hotel waiting for me to use it!
Trouble is, I take many of my distractions along with me in my computer.
Congrats on all the good work!

Angela said...

This certificate is hereby awarded to AP, aka SP, a certified, bona fide Good Girl.

Angie Hunt and Nancy Rue

Write on! (And now that I'm back home, I need to tell myself the same thing!)

ccap said...


Michele said...

good for you.

by the way, just how many words IS the average novel?

Flicka said...

Wahoo, eight hours! Go, girl, go!

Michele said...

i came across a blog by a writer who had tips for going to book fairs and selling your ideas for a book. all i can remember is that i came to it through your blog.

do you have any idea what i'm talking about?

i thought i bookmarked it, but apparently not.

Heather said...

Sounds delightful!