Friday, August 31, 2007

Somedayoftheweek Several


1. Where are all B's pajama pants? I can find the tops, but ...

2. How can I thwart the dog's passion for underwear consumption?

3. Why does the dog obey "Drop it!" immediately but look at me as those as I am speaking Greek when I say "Come here!"

4. Child X is asked to load the dishwasher. "I can't do a dirty job, I have a new shirt on." Child X is asked to remove the shirt, and do the job. There are noises from the kitchen consistent with dishwasher loading. Suddenly Child X looms in front of me, wearing the new shirt, shaking an arm accusingly in my face. "SEE? I TOLD you!" the child says. HOW IS THIS MY FAULT?

5. Do any of you out there know the rules for punching or not-punching for Punch Buggies? Think you have all cases covered? HA. I left the children alone in the van for 2.3 minutes the other day and came back to an all out punch fest. The cause? One of them was cheating on the punching/no punching rules for invisible punch buggies.

6. How did that whole punch buggy thing start, anyway? Who was the first person to look at VW Bug and say "Hey! That makes me want to hit someone!"

7. Why am I doing this instead of folding laundry?

8. Why am I doing this instead of writing?

9. Why am I doing this?

*not mine, of course, some other children I found at McDonald's that I thought might want a ride with a stranger. My children never argue. They adore each other.


Kay said...

you are doing this because we have been checking every day for a post and growing frantic at the lack of wit and wisdom forthcoming. We appreciate you ignoring the laundry and Brynn,(is that right?) for a few moments.

Anonymous said...

underwear! i actually know how to curb your dog's behavior. everyone must stop wearing underwear. shoot, we've not worn underwear for 3 years. :-)))))))) v

Heather said...

The punch buggy rules are WAY to complicated for me. And I made the mistake of saying once "if there's something you do with punch buggies, what do you do when you see a Smart car? Pinch people?" Silly, silly me.

Kay said...

We always called it Slug Bug. But we aren't allowed to slug. Just shout it out. Still, occasionally a dispute does arise.
Susan, you need to see my blog. You have a prize awaiting you.

LC said...

Who says any of this has to be logical?

K&W said...

hey - i left you a clue re work shmerk - revisit thr comments of the same post