Friday, August 10, 2007

So very grown up ...and yet ...

A has a friend over, leftover from last night's sleep over. As I'm a few hours short on billable hours this month, I'm working from home, so I asked A if she could please look after lunch for the two of them. They dug out a cookbook and after a few hours, had some chicken and potatoes cooking.

And while it was cooking -

They popped a bag of popcorn and went for a bike ride.


Kay said...

wow. My nearly 12 yo girl won't even make her own Raman Noodles.

Where have I gone wrong?

Kassi said...

S made us coffee in bed this morning, which was fantastic.

The MOTH got out of bed just in time to stop her from emptying coffee grounds and boling water straight into a cup, instead of using instant !!!

I'm hoping she'll marry well ;P