Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Oh nothing

Really. And how could it be my business if they wanted to climb up the outside of the staircase and then jump down to the hardwood from a point higher than my head?

Also can you tell me this? The last time I looked, there was this whole neighbourhood outside. We even have our own personal backyard. So why is it the best place to play hockey is our upstairs landing????


Kassi said...

I think it's probably the same reason that the best place to have an argument is about 2 inches away from a parent's ear, cos heaven forbid you could actually disagree in your OWN bedroom at the OTHER end of the house and sort things out amongst YOURSELVES without involving me !!!!

I think they do it just to annoy us. When children are born, along with the "crying" feature and the "cute smile" feature they also come with the non-removable "irritating the hell outta the parents and knowing JUST which button to push" feature ...

Angela said...

LOL! Loved your entry on my blog--in fact, Nancy and I are going to read it in our NANGIE class today as an admonition against backstory!

Thanks for playing. What talent! :-)