Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thesaurus, anyone?

Standing at a street corner in a small crowd waiting for the light to change. I hit the "Push for Walk" because I want to, even though I'm sure someone else already has. I note with amusement that the next person to arrive at the street corner does the same thing. He notices my grin.

"Yeah I know" he nods "it just feels better to do it myself."

I laugh and nod back. "It's just more emotionally satisfying that way."

He shakes his head in disbelief. "Emotion?? Who said anything about emotions??? What is with the EMOTIONS, again*?"

*I found the use of word "again" curious, as I have never laid eyes on the man before in my life, and I've been busy inventing back story for that one word all evening.


Flicka said...

What happened was that he'd just come off a long talk with his girlfriend about the importance of emotions in a relationship. Because his mother was distanced from him after the crippling blow of his father's death (auto acident while he was on his way home from work to bring her flowers and a 10th anniversary ring he'd bought as a surprise) he never learned to process emotion, happy OR sad. He buttons everything up inside. His girlfriend is a passionate artist by night, second grade teacher during the day. She's all about emotion. She feels that her boyfriend doesn't really love her because the only time he can let loose is when they're intimate, which just leaves her feeling used. At the red light this morning he was feeling frustrated and upset and lost and just wanted to be able to get back into his shell. Your statement made him realize that things are changing, emotion pervades every part of life and he can't stay turtled forever. It'll take him a while but eventually he'll have a breakthrough and he and the teacher will get married spontaneously on a beach somewhere, after he almost loses her to another artist (who, by the way, really IS just trying to use her.) They'll love each other fully and well all their lives, have three children and die hand-in-hand in the home they purchased when they first got married. The three kids will all wistfully hope they one day have marriages as strong and beautiful as their parents did.

(That was fun! Can we do this again sometime?)

Kay said...

Live long and Prosper.

Valerie Dykstra said...

i want to read flicka's book about the walk button. reminds me of an episode of Cheers. The shrink guy and his girlfriend had decided their word would be "dip." Every time they heard the word dip, it would remind them of their undying passion for one another. They invite Ted and Diana over for the evening. Unfortunately they have a huge fight before their guests arrive. The tension in the air is palpable, so Ted and Diane dig into the appetizers trying to divert things. Ted says, "this is great dip," as he piles more on his plate. The use of the word "dip" wasn't lost on the quarreling couple. Ted really likes the dip and continues to talk about it and ask questions; did you make this dip? what's in this dip? this is the best dip I've ever had... With all the use of the word "dip" the upset couple have quietly made up and now in the throes of near-foreplay in their living room. Ted and Diana are certainly uncomfortable, but Ted suddenly realized that his usage of "dip" has something to do with what is happening in front of him. He starts gagging and says, "what the hell's in this dip?" Why do I tell you all this, unfortunately I can't remember. It has something to do with flicka, the walk button, and her amazing story. Maybe I was thinking, "what the hell's up with this walk button?"

Surely if I had your's or flicka's talent I would remember what I meant to say. But unfortuately after typing all that in, even without remembering my point, I'm leaving my comment pointless. :-) Valerie

LC said...

I always knew it doesn't take much to start a book. Now if you could push a button that would motivate me to finish it!