Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Pop Quiz!!!

Hey everyone!!!

What's even stupider than ripping out a giant section of the Wart That Ate Pittsburgh while you're in the bath????

Doing it while you're in bed. Reading. Idly plucking at way at the cavernous maw you created the other day.

When the forensics guys come, they will discuss the spatter pattern at great length. "Yes there seems to be some on the mattress - someone has tried to clean it up. And here, on the carpet, something dripped on here for quite some time, in a remarkable number of places ...someone's taken Spot Shot and a scrub brush to this ...ooh and look - traces all over the bathroom floor ..."

They'll never believe it's all from one Q-tip sized wart. (thickness, not length)

The good news is - how much more of that wart can there be left? I may not have to go see that specialist after all. I'm really nervous about seeing Dr WartGuy, because ...well, I've heard that getting a wart cauterized, you know, HURTS.


Kay said...

digging at it with a ... whatever. Now that doesn't hurt.

Valerie Dykstra said...

i seriously doubt if specialist guy would hurt as much as that must have. and now the bad news, sort of, my Deborah went to a specialist to have a wart removed. it was quick and totally painless. specialist took a tiny tiny needle and put it through wart and said it would turn black and die.
Deborah was totally uptight beforehand, so when the doc gave her the painless shot, she laughed at the ubsurdity of having been scared. so you see, no pain, no blood, no clean-up.