Sunday, July 29, 2007

moments of light

A is off to Bible camp. It's Junior High camp, (although no-one in this house gave any of my children permission to be that old), and there is a Date Night the last night of camp. Date Night seems to primarily consist of a nice dinner that you're expected to show up dressed up for. When I asked A what she wearing for date night, I offered to sew her something, expecting a long look (parents of 11 yr old girls, you know the look) and a slight head shake.

"Oh that would be AWESOME", she said. "Then I could design it myself!"

Those of you who have sewn with me are wiping beverage off your computer screens right now. Those of you who have watched me cut out little pieces of paper to add seam allowances to Burda patterns (which are printed WITHOUT SEAM ALLOWANCES! what is THAT about???) are laughing. Those of you who have watched me painstakingly refold unused pattern pieces along the original fold lines so they will fit back in the envelope are skeptical, and those of you have watched me iron cotton BEFORE laying the pattern pieces down are quite sure this post ends with a trip to Old Navy.

Well, ha. I'm braver in my old age. More experienced, more willing to wing it. And it's not like I didn't try to convince A I couldn't sew without a pattern. I did try. Hard.

"Pffft" she said "we've got loads of used patterns. We'll just go through those."

I sputtered and flapped my jaw but there was no budging her. And then C got sick, and I spent a lot of time at the hospital and camp got closer and closer and there was no sewing done, and I started praying that I would not let her down.

We had a lovely few days. She was in a teachable mood, and we sewed companionably together Friday and Saturday. I remembered sewing with my mom, and how she would always do the hand-basting for me, because I hated it. At least that's the way I always saw it, but I get it now. (This getting it thing is starting to happen on a daily basis) She did the hand-sewing to have a place to connect with me. Thanks, Mom. Also thanks Auntie J, who would breeze into our house on a visit from Northern Ontario and announce "My kids need summer clothes, I'm going to Mitchell's." and off she'd go, to the discount fabric store in the city and come back with yards and yards of fabric and no patterns and by nightfall there'd be a neatly folded pile of clothing - pants and shirts and shorts and one memorable summer, unbleached cotton tunics decorated with liquid embroidery. She couldn't stop making those - my two cousins got one each, and I got one, and my best friend and her friend and finally Auntie J had to go home, so it stopped there.

Wait where was I? Sewing. Without a pattern. Here's the masterpiece - bear in mind that this was A's vision. A long pantsuit with wide legs "so it looks almost like a skirt and a sheer over-thingy that has interesting points." So the focus is not my sewing, but the fact that this outfit was designed by an 11 year old girl.


darien said...

she's quite the fashionista. You are so proud of her...and rightfully so. It's terrific!

Heather said...

Awesome! I'm duly impressed! With BOTH of you! :-)

Krista said...

Wow. Thoroughly impressed!

Kay said...

She's beautiful.
and she's got skills. So do you!

I "can" sew, more or less. But I really hate it. I'm always impressed when others sew!

And, I am finding in our new community that my daughter is now in Youth Group. I'm just not ready for that.

ccap said...


Anonymous said...

...she's full of grace .... its obvious to me ...... and her mom? .... she's just awesome .... BJ

darien said...

I think I love the 'i'm a model' pose too :-)

Slow'n'Steady said...

I started sewing at that age because we couldn't afford Old Navy (even if it HAD existed way back then) and Army Surplus was too ugly and Wal Mart didn't exist yet and purple doubleknit didn't make very good cutoffs.

You have a fashion designer on your hands.

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed with her creativity and resourcefulness and obvious less-flappability-than-me-ness. She's beautiful. I'm glad you're posting pictures now. valerie