Friday, July 27, 2007

FYI (and also, ouch)

If you google "big ugly wartish growth on the bottom of my heel", NOTHING comes up that suggests you try to rip it out by the roots while you're having a bath. Even if it seems nice and soft and pliable and like it just - might - be - possible.

There is a good reason for this.


Kay said...

leave your feet alone!!

I'm warning you.

Kassi said...

I think I may inadvertently brought home a souvenir from our recent holiday in the shape of a small piece of coral in my big toe ... just where are those tweezers ???

ccap said...

Two reactions to this post:
1. jaw drop
2. shaking my head.

mongooser said...

ouch and ermmm ouch

(the ripping wart post in case youre wondering)

oh yeah and ARRRRGH that hurt even in my HEAD.

I used to cut warts n callouses off with my swiss army knife. Actually it was its prime use.