Thursday, July 26, 2007

And there was evening and there was morning and that's where my week went

Peripartum cardiomyopathy. Google it if you want to, but not if you have a precious friend who has been diagnosed with it.

The good news is that she is going from the hospital on Friday, barring any setbacks. And her baby is finer than fine, has adjusted with no wobbles to being breastfed one minute and bottle-fed the next, appears to find formula as reasonable a way to get nourishment as any other, will allow her mother to bottlefeed her even when she smells like the Old Way of Doing Things ...

The bad news is a long, slow, laidback recovery for a woman who likes to be out and about on a daily basis. And there is no guarantee of full recovery - the possibility of a lifetime of heart trouble is still there.

As of last night, there are two grandmas in town to help with the care and feeding of the children and the hanging out at the hospital with mom and baby, so I'm off duty. My children are reportedly looking forward to seeing me again :)

Right then. All of us back to our regularly scheduled lives. I covet your prayers for my dear friend Carolyn and her beleaguered heart.


Kay said...

prayers said!

LC said...

May this trial draw her closer to Jesus.

my prayers too,

Anonymous said...

Your friend is not alone. is the best peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) website. Earlier diagnosis and better meds have made for higher frequency of full recoveries. We have a leading PPCM specialist & researcher to answer all questions.

The best article on PPCM is from the 2006 Lancet.

Best wishes for your friend,

Anne, a fellow ppcmer