Tuesday, June 19, 2007

This is not a new post, it just looks like one.

There is nothing new to report here, except that I have a laptop bag that doesn't look like my husband got it for free at TechEd 2005, and it will be perfect for my smoking hot new laptop that I will buy just as soon as I can manage to keep my hands off four paycheques in a row. I have a new mouse for my new laptop too, a Bluetooth mouse that necessitated the purchase of a Bluetooth dongle for my old laptop that I will get rid of as soon as I can manage not to pay for anything for four entire paycheques in a row. I am deriving a frightening amount of pleasure from starting conversations at work with "Have you seen my mouse dongle? It's very small." (that is actually more like stopping conversations than starting them because there is nowhere to go from there, once people give you that look and all of a sudden have work to do)

Also my back hurts and my body is annoying me by insisting on having hot flashes every time I forget the hormone replacement pills. And I had a lot of annoying wee skin tags clipped out of my armpit today, but who wants to talk about that? Also removed: one large purple mole that looked remarkably like a brain. I'm pretty sure I just paid someone to remove my entire left brain, which was for some odd reason located on my right shoulder, so the good news there is that now I have as much left brain as TechnoBoy has right brain, so we are totally a team now.

Aren't you glad you dropped by for that?


darien said...

actually, yes!

I'm sorry that you're having a rough time. I got to the part about the skin tags and winced--M had that done a little bit ago.

Sure wish your mouse wasn't dongling so far away!

Flicka said...

Girl, you crack me up. I read the mouse dongle part of your entry out loud to my husband so he could share in the hilarity.


Kay said...

I have a new laptop! I did have only a big ol' desktop deal. Now I feel so free!
No dongles, though.

Anonymous said...

no dongle here. skin tags? did you know you can remove them yourself with nail clippers. it's painless and so cool to do. some say I missed my calling as a doctor. hehe

joanna said...

U make me laugh out loud (while I sit at work surrounded with people quietly working hard and swearing at my silently).

Sounds likes a fabulous vacation...