Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sorry, Mom

When I was going in to Grade Seven, my parents and I took a trip to the local store to buy school clothes for me for the fall. I took my selections into the dressing room. My mother stood right outside the dressing room door, and spoke in a normal voice. The conversation went like this:

Mom: How are the size 12's ? Do they fit?

Me: Shhh!!! Not so loud!!!!

Mom: but do the size 12's fit or do you need a size 14?

Me: SHHH!!!! Not so LOUD!

Mom: Well which size is fitting, the 12 or the 14?

Me: Shhhhhhhh!!!!! NOT SO LOUD!!!!

My mother lost it at this point. She stomped out of the store and went to sit in the car and wait for me, and my father, inexpicably, took my mother's side.

"You were being a bit difficult", he observed, in his mild, non-confrontational way.

"But she was being so LOUD!" I protested.

Sunday morning in church, we were singing "I will make you fishers of men" and TechnoBoy and I started doing the actions. A grabbed my arms (she couldn't reach her dad). I grinned at her and exaggerated the actions.

"This isn't BOTHERING you, is it?"

Sunday afternoon I called my Mom and apologized. Now I'm waiting for the call A will make, 34 years from now, to tell me I can feel free to do the actions to little kid action songs in church :)


Kay said...

It's starting younger and younger. My daughter has been ashamed of me for some time. I even embarrass other people's kids. Whatever. Like I care. :)

Kay said...

oh, and my husband, too. I embarrass him, too. What's wrong with people?

LC said...

Sue, you make me laugh, and I've needed to laugh. Thank you for being who you are, seeing funny in life and expressing it so well. Bless you, bless you.

Bob is golfing today, so that must mean he is getting better? or that he is obsessed? He golfed twice last week, and last night in the wind. Dr. says okay, but wife wonders about the obsession, or maybe I just got used to him being here all day and don't want to be a grass widow? I could go shopping... ;)