Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sea World, Orlando

Words will diminish this, but I'll try.

The palpable bond between the killer whales and the trainers is achingly beautiful. Taking the time to forge that kind of connection - that's worship, pure and simple. And whatever else you might say about it, positive or negative, there is something infinitely right about offering a glimpse of that bond to the rest of the world.

Maybe in heaven, while the lions are lying down with the lambs, I will dance with a killer whale.


darien said...

and this is the thing that almost made you cry. How beautiful!

I looked at some of your pictures today, and wow, what a lovely lovely spot!

love you

Heather said...

Nicely said.

Kay said...

awesome. truly. I can almost cry just thinking of it.
I think you described why a video of a dancing horse made me cry. I couldn't figure it out. How much more amazing if it were a killer horse!

ccap said...

Psst. Happy birthday!

LC said...

Once while snorkeling, Bob swam with a group of playful seals. His eyes still shine when talks about it. Wait 'till I tell him about dancing with whales!

You are such a bright spot yourself!