Sunday, June 17, 2007

Key Largo, June 4

Three days after Sea World, full of all kinds of awestruck wonder regarding marine mammals, we went to Dolphins Plus in Key Largo, and swam with the dolphins. All four of us, two at a time.

Again, words are such clumsy things. IT WAS SO COOL. People asked me afterwards "Were you the one screaming?" and yes, yes that was me, shrieking with delight and amazement and disbelief and feeling just really, really lucky. We had a splashing contest. We bodysurfed with dolphins pushing on the soles of our feet while we laid first on our stomachs and then on our backs in the water. We rubbed their bellies and "shook hands" and they dove to the bottom and brought us gifts and we held their dorsal fins while they pulled us through the water. At the very end, they kissed us.

It was also a bit like being an infertile childless woman being with someone else's child. At the end of each interaction, the whistle would blow, and off they would go, back to their trainer. It was clear that the bond was with the trainer, and not with these big playthings the trainers had pitched into the water. We were still on the outside looking in, but what a thrilling close up look.

My life is full of things like this - things that amaze and delight and profoundly interest me, because I married a man who asks "Why not?"

We're a lucky lucky bunch.


Kay said...

yes! You are indeed lucky!
And I am going to HAVE to learn to swim so that I can do that wonderful thing some day, too!

Heather said...

Lucky indeed.