Friday, June 22, 2007

In which the dog has an Adventure

So the dog and I walked home from soccer. I think I walked 18 miles but that's only because I are a wimp. However long it was, it was long. er. than I usually walk. I always know I've had a good long walk when the dog starts heading up random driveways and looking back at me hopefully as if to say "Hey, how about we live here now? because I? am TIRED."

However, on this walk, she caught a squirrel. She pawed at it enough to make it squeak in terror, but she didn't bite it- I think she really just wanted it to play with her. It was a very young squirrel, I think, who had not yet mastered the Fine Art of Fence Climbing, because it was standing at the bottom of a wooden fence squeaking in terror while Toopka sniffed its butt. Once the squeaking started I intervened, and the dog was Not Happy with me for several minutes.

Also last night was B's last soccer game and I did not forget a snack for the entire season. And I only ranted a little bit, to people who have already heard my rant, about soccer snacks. So if there are people handing out points for conforming when no major principles or morals are being compromised, thus making conforming a non-issue, I want 2. Please.*

Also - blogging over here today as well. It might be a bit introspective, and there's no mention of squirrels. Consider yourself warned.

*because I'm greedy


Kay said...

I don't really want a dog. But maybe if I had a dog, I would get out and move from time to time.
I'd rather have a horse, though.

Slow'n'Steady said...

The linky that's supposed to lead to wouldshed has a typo...