Monday, June 25, 2007

Don't even think it

Don't even think "I'm so lucky. There just has not been a lot of kid puke in my life." You might get so complacent that none of the following clues you in to the natural awaiting you upstairs.

1. You walk in from a lovely evening at the theater and your husband says "WOW this house smells bad!!" (you might shrug and say "well they probably had parmesan cheese on their spaghetti")

2. The babysitter says "I'm not sure ChildP is feeling well - didn't eat much supper, and complained of a stomachache."

3. Driving back from taking the babysitter home, you think "ChildP is the one with the weak stomach."

As you open the door and the smell hits you, your thought might be "Well that certainly took a long time for me to work out!"

I'll spare you the details, except to tell you that not only is ChildP the one with the weak stomach, ChildP apparently pukes while sleeping. Based on what greeted me last night when I finally went upstairs - ChildP can apparently projectile vomit without waking up.

Drop by any time you need a reason to feel like you need a shower RIGHT NOW.


Slow'n'Steady said...

But I wanna hear about the theater... what did you see?

ccap said...


Kay said...

I know another kid who could do that. Weird.
My kids don't wake up in time either, but the don't exactly stay asleep.
Try a plastic table cloth underneath their sheet if you have reason to think they may need it. Saves the mattress anyway.
Poor kid. Hope all is well now.
Hope you stay well.
And yeah, what movie did you see?