Sunday, June 03, 2007

Did I forget to mention I was going out of town?

It's hardly worth mentionning now - we're almost home. Miss the dog like crazy but we're having a good time.

Walked our legs off. (was hoping to walk my ... off but it's still there)

Disney, Disney, Disney - I'm so delighted to be the Holder of the Stuff while everyone else either gets their adrenaline high or faces their fears. Oh look - a ridiculously high water ride and a bench. No, no, you guys go ahead, I'll be fine. Fine. Trust me. I'll be having a lovely conversation with Anna from Oklahoma, who seems to be Holding a Lot of Stuff. And we will discuss sibling rivalry and praise music and low carb eating and the entire time, I will be fascinated by her very straight, very even, very white teeth.

And after three days of standing in line ups to get autographs from people in Goofy suits, and three days of remarkably happy children and the Making of Memories and all that good stuff, my knee was whimpering quietly but not kicking up a fuss, and I hadn't even sunburned anything very badly, and I was so happy for my kids that they were having such a great time, but I hadn't yet been moved to tears by anything :)

And then we went to Sea World.

but that's a post for a different day because the shower, it is calling me.


Slow'n'Steady said...

Oh, you! Cryptic as ever. I want the Sea World salty tears story....I can't remain the only person who cries at a theme park.

TS said...

It has been a long time since I have been to Sea World

darien said...

sigh. DId you forget to come back again?