Thursday, May 24, 2007

Why the butter bell, you ask?

Okay so here's the thing.

Margarine, while being inexpensive and tasting acceptable, is Death to Good Cholesterol. A few years ago, I was told my bad cholesterol was fine (to an unnamed relatives' everlasting surprise because "really??? but you're FAT." Yes. Mindboggling. I don't have AIDS or cancer, either. Not even bunions. Yet.) HOWEVER, my good cholesterol was on the low side. So I went home and asked Dr. Google what to do, and he told me to switch to butter, and hang the expense.

So switch I did. Enter the great problem. How oh how do you keep butter spreadable without it melting and running out the sides of the lovely Tupperware container you have? Or just melting in whatever it's in, or separating and getting disgusting ...So far, we've used a Corelle bowl, which is not coverable, and Things have fallen into it. And still, there is the meltage. (My good cholesterol is in an acceptable range, however)

Enter the butter bell. Sealed, fresh, spreadable. Plus mine is red with a pewter rooster on it.

Life, my friends, is beautiful.


ccap said...

Well, there you go. A beautiful butter bell life. bbb all over again. :-)

pamero said...

Whoa. I think you've just convinced me to start buying butter. But only if I get a BB too. But I still won't *hate* margarine. Me and marg have had good times together.

Kay said...

I'm gonna have to get me one of them.

I have eschewed (is that spelled right?) butter for years now. It is also death to your gallbladder. Blechy stuff.

darien said...

hahaha...I'm glad you like it!

Kassi said...

Apparently there are only about three molecular bonds difference between margarine and petroleum, which is the excuse I use for eating butter (really it's just the taste).

One thing I have always wondered though, being as how I'm from a different hemisphere and all, just how big is a "stick" of butter ?!?

corrie said...

I'm from this hemisphere and I have a hard time knowing how much a stick of butter is.

Can we eschewe the american vocabulary along with the margerine?