Thursday, May 24, 2007

Thirteen moments of light

(from Michael Card's song "The pain and the longing/the joy and the moments of light/are the rhythm and rhyme/the free verse of the poem of life")

1. Dwight's music in my ear, on my MP3 player at work.

2. Maddie kicking her heart out in a mud puddle.

3. Hot coffee.

4. Giving that coffee to two homeless men huddled together under the overpass, out of the May snow.

5. B on rollerblades, blazing around the park with the puppy bouncing along beside him.

6. E-mail from Massachusetts.

7. C's baby, snug and safe, kicking against my eager palm.

8. Size 22 instead of size 24.

9. The teenaged boy I hired to mow the lawn backing away from the $20 bill I offered him, because he thought that was way too much money for a few hour's work.

10. My mother's voice on the phone.

11. A butter bell. (this is so miraculous to me that I feel like it should have its' own post.)

12. A and her dad working on a kite for a school project.

13. Wandering with the pup.


ccap said...

Okay, two things:

(1) The image of A and her dad. Lightness for me too.
(2) Yeah, I think the butter bell needs its own post too as I'm perplexed as to why it's on your list.

darien said...

And wow, how nice it must be to be a size 22. I apparently am working my way there too!

(I'm very proud of you...maybe not quite so proud of me!)