Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hey it's Thursday!

Thirteen Things I Love About My Husband

1. He's got an astonishing amount of common sense.

2. He is the most consistent person I have ever met. (A and I were discussing this the other day and she said "I know!!!! How does he DO that??")

3. Even when he hates what I cook, he says "Thank you for the supper."

4. He is an involved father, and his children know he loves them.

5. He recognizes his faults and tries to correct them.

6. He has great hair.

7. He has the gift of spontaneity. (In the interest of stark honesty, I do not always prize this trait.)

8. He loves his family with his whole heart, and there is nothing he wouldn't do for them. Not just me and the kids, his siblings and his mother as well.

9. He loves God.

10. He is a loyal friend, and strives to be there for his friends when they are hurting.

11. He is allowing a dog to live in this house, even though she sometimes pees on the floor when she sees him, because he knows how much it means to me and the kids.

12. (see the whole last post)

13. He is frighteningly bright.


Michele said...

two lovely posts in one day.

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Heather said...

14. He would drive thousands of miles to pick up someone he cared about, wire money across the ocean if his sisters needed it, or give away almost anything he owned if it would help a person he loved through a rough spot.

15. He is an adventure junkie.

16. He'll help you solve almost any computer problem (unless you buy a Mac - then you're on your own).

17. He likes to learn and keeps his mind open to new possibilities.

18. He would consider driving across 2 provinces just to come skydiving with me (maybe next time).

19. He's crazy about his wife and it shows when he brags about her.

20. Even though he is about as smart and confident as a person can get, he manages to stay humble.