Monday, May 21, 2007


so is self-discipline something you're born with? are some people genetically predisposed to it?

Can you take it in pill form?

Weather sucks, I'm tired and hungry (good sign my sugars are out of whack) and the puppy *gasp* is annoying me.

I'm in such a bad mood I may as well go write a novel :)


Kay said...

I'm just sitting here flipping from one blog to another hoping someone has written something new.

If you find those pills, pass em on.

If I can't generate enough will to write, I could go feed my family. They like it when I do that.

ccap said...

Too bad you don't live a little closer. We could go commiserate over our bad moods.

rachel said...

There's no such thing as self-discipline, my dear. There's only "I can't possibly climb this mountain, but I think I could walk as far as that shrub over there. Maybe as far as that boulder." Until one day you look back and you've done it and you've no idea how.