Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dear clothing manufacturers

When did small boys = skulls happen? And why?

And cut it out. He's EIGHT. With a full head of hair. And he's fully capable of imagining his own violence without parading around with that kind of crap on his clothes.

But while we're at it, thank you for long skinny shirts = young girls.


Megan DiMaria said...

Hi Susan,

Thanks for stopping by.

Write on!

A prisoner of hope,

Kassi said...

Yessss !!! It's not just me !!! (and PS, have you noticed how they manage to sneak skulls onto just about everything, so there is now virtually nothing you can buy an 8-10yo boy unless you regress back to Thomas the Tank Engine)

Kay said...

Fortunately my son is freaked out by skulls. So he has no interest in wearing them! For now anyway. The girls stuff with sassy sayings on it is just as irritating. And words on the butt?! What?! I want to attract everyone's attention to my 11 year old's rear??