Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I done got tagged

This is a meme heavy post because I'm clearing up two tags at once because I can't figure out whose to do first.

Okay Tag A from Kay:

The rules are:
1) Go to Wikipedia

2) In the search box, type your birth month and day but not the year.

3) List three events that happened on your birthday

4) List two important birthdays and one death

5) One holiday or observance (if any)

6) Tag 5 other bloggers to complete


I was going to list three but then I saw this one:

1942 - Anne Frank begins to keep a diary.

Birthdays - again, only one:

1811 - Harriet Beecher Stowe, American author


775 - Saint CiarĂ¡n of Disert-Kieran, Irish saint and writer

A worrying number of writers died that day.


International Weblogger's Day – Celebration of the work of webloggers around the world

Tagging: you, you, you, you, you and YOU.

Meme the Second, Otherwise Known as the One Where I Have to Think.

This is from Live a Quiet Life:

Five things I'm obsessed with (not a prioritized list):

1. Food, apparently. I think about it far too much.

2. Writing a novel, more specifically, most of my waking hours are taken up with wondering where or when I will have a chance to write.

3. the puppy who adores me with every ounce of her 12 lb being

4. are the children getting what they need physically emotionally mentally spiritually? did I just say/do/think the wrong thing that will now scar them for life and render them ineffective?

5. God. I try to pray before I even open my eyes in the morning. Sometimes I pray "Please help me open my eyes" ...

Tagging - you, in the corner, trying not to make eye contact.


Wendy said...

Anne Frank, eh? That's one to hold onto...

Beccy said...

I can see why you stopped on Ann Frank, good meme.