Monday, March 19, 2007

Not the best weekend ever

Walking the dog Friday I slipped and fell, landing with all of my considerable weight on my right knee (previously known as my Good Knee, now known as my Other Bad Knee) Saturday I couldn't walk. There was much asking of things to be fetched and much praying for courage when I had to do something taxing like walk 6 steps to the bathroom.

Today is much better but I can still tell I hurt it. The dog has been lying around looking at me with "So umm is this what we're doing today?" written all over her face.

Kinda suckin' at the diet thing and the exercise thing and the writing thing and really not very pleased with myself. And there's no reason to tell all of you that except that it's better to be real than to pretend that birds suddenly appear every time I am near.

(SPot the adverb! Take it out and shoot it!)

Speaking of which:

"He opened the window, which operated on hinges, and stared through the mist at the street below."

Three virtual gold stars to the first person who finds the four extra words in that sentence. And a half dozen extra stars to the person who rants the most entertainingly about why they're not needed.

Editttttttted to Add: (do you love the clever way I've disguised my inability to spell edi..that word?) KAY wins all the gold stars, AxeWoman that she is!


Megan DiMaria said...

I'll play!

The four unnecessary words are, "which operated on hinges," and the reason why they're not needed is because good fiction is real life--without the boring parts.

Valerie Dykstra said...

three cheers for megan, eh? and I like her explanation too.

I'm sorry about the knee. Sounds sucky indeed. Get better!!

ccap said...

Ah, crap, Megan beat me!

Although, I can still rant: REALLY?! It operated on hinges? Wow, riveting. Good thing you cleared that up for me otherwise I would have visualized a window that slid and we just KNOW that won't do.

That's right, bbb, "sarcasm, just another service I offer".

Michele said...

maybe they had to say it operated on hinges so he could get his fingers stuck in there later in the paragraph.

or it would slam back into his head and he'd start to bleed all over the street, or it would come off the hinges and fall down (to the street below) and hit someone and shatter all over them and sever an artery.

or maybe the hinges are possessed, and they will need to exorcise them. maybe the hinges are a CRUCIAL piece to the mystery and we just don't know it yet.

(because SOMEBODY had to stand up for those useless bloody hinges.)

Kay said...

So sorry about your poor little knee!
You know, he could just say, "He stared through the mist at the street below." Who cares if the window is open or closed - let alone hinged or whatnot.
In fact, you could say "He stared at the street below." Does the mist matter? And is he staring for a reason? Maybe the whole thing could go.
How's that for brutal word chopping?