Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why it's hard to be a 12 lb dog in Calgary right now

all your favourite places to *ahem* relieve yourself are covered in snow that is higher than your head.

And here's why it's hard to be a 12 lb dog's owner in Calgary right now.

The dog will be so desperate to drop a load that she will run frantically down the sidewalk, at the end of her leash, looking for ANYWHERE that smells right* that's not hidden under 2 feet of snow, and you will have no choice but to run after her, even if you are wearing running shoes and no socks and have no mittens on and your jacket is hanging wide open and it's minus freaking 24 freaking Celsius out there, because - here is your Achilles heel - you're a bit stopped up yourself, and you feel her pain.

*that's another Dogs are Kinda Stupid moment right there - what is the smelling about? Just GO ALREADY.


Heather said...

Ummm... they put ZIPPERS on a jacket for a reason, you know.

Linda said...

Yeah. What is it with the sniffing anyway? You'd think a smart dog would just go out and DO it when it's that cold.

Carha said...

Well said.