Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday morning 5 am

Last week, at Awana, during story-time, we were talking about miracles. I looked out at their lovely little faces and whispered conspiratorially "God? is MAGIC."

I'm ready to go. I've had a lovely long soak in the tub, gotten dressed in the half-dark, shaken my sleeping sweetheart and whispered "God and I are going on a great adventure!" I've woken the kids up and kissed them good-bye as requested.

The puppy stirs when I come downstairs and I pick her up and kiss her head and decide to take her out for a quick sniff of the bushes, just once before I go. I open my front door, and three white tail deer bound away from my front yard. I stand on the quiet dark street, watching their tails waving like flags as they pick their way daintily down the cul de sac towards the park.

Magic, indeed.

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