Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My dog is SO the smartest

She's figured out, all by herself, that if she gives her best "Timmy's down the well*" bark and wags her tail at you, you will think she has to pee, and you will be right, and she will be so pleased at how bright you are, she will want to give you a treat.

*she did the Timmy thing the other night because she thought she heard someone in our driveway and I finally had to open the front door with my pocket dog under my arm and tell her "Look. No Timmy, no well. Pipe down already." So then she Timmied (I just made up a verb!) the door to the garage as well, so I did the same thing there. If Timmy is ever really down a well, he'll get no help from me, what with all the crying wolf this mutt** is doing.

**She's a horrible dog. I hate her, what with all the friendliness to everybody and running through the snowdrifts facefirst so that she ends up with a muzzle covered in ice, and all that happy leaping about any time I come home after an extended absence*** - I just post about her now and then because she WILL learn to read and I don't want her to catch on how to annoying she is, what with all the whining just to sit at my feet at night and manipulative nonsense like that.

***ie more than five minutes


ccap said...

Thanks for the morning smiles, she who posts in spurts.

Kassi said...

I've found the puppy I want on the internet. But at $950 it comes down to a choice between cute, and a dishwasher. And as the MOTH points out, puppies can't wash dishes !!!