Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Adventures in Sewing

(aside: does anyone ever look at the Blogger options in the upper right of this screen and think of Meatloaf? (was it Meatloaf?) whoever it was, I don't think blogs are paradise)

Okay so a friend at work just had the great good fortune of giving birth (in what even she refers to as a ridiculously fast labour) and I was madly sewing yesterday so I could bring her a present and hold a tiny boy for a while.

We have a big house. Three floors of available space.

B decides to come and do his homework under the table I'm sewing on. A decides to join him, they decide to build a fort, suddenly in this massive house there is a big construction project going on less than three feet away from me. I finally convince them to move.

I have my sewing machine on one table and my serger behind me on another, so all I have to do is swivel to switch machines. I'm topstitching, so I hit the presser foot on the sewing machine, and the serger roars to life. I leap like I've been shot, (B told me later he thought "Whoa! how are you doing that??") and look under the table.

My 12 lb dog has dragged her brandnew round bed under the table, on top of the presser foot as is lying on it, wagging her tail at me, while the serger rattles away sewing ...nothing.

I eventually got it done and delivered and oh my was it sweet to be holding somebody so brand new to this world. And now I get to go to work and tell everyone I got to hold him first :)


Heather said...

Don't you just hate to ruin it when they're actually COOPERATING for awhile? :-)

Linda said...

My kids would do that while I played the piano. Drove me nuts! It's not easy playing when the damper pedal is held down for the entire song.

LC said...

Arn't you glad they want to be with you! May it last all their lives!! (not the annoying part, the wanting to be with you part)