Monday, January 29, 2007

Sometimes I like spam

you know, the e-mail kind, not the kind that makes British comedians burst into song.

I got one this morning that started out "darling dissident" and just for a moment, I wanted them to be talking to me. And then I realized that would be a GREAT way to start a poem to one of my children ...

Guess which one? You get to feel smart if you get it right.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Pride? What's that?

Looking for a heavier read? Something to wipe the grin off your face?

Got just the thing.

Out of the mouths of (not necessarily wise or complimentary) babes and children

A: (looking at the outfit her father is wearing) "Those are all different browns! Your shirt isn't the same shade as your pants and your socks are a different shade than everything else!!! You look like ...a dumpster that somebody half-painted and then walked away from!"


B: (after hearing a story about how I enticed the puppy inside by repeating the word treat over and over again) "Good thing dogs are kinda stupid."

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

(or, At Least Thirteen Things I've Been Meaning To Tell You)
(or, It's Okay If You Fall Asleep Partway Through, I Did Too)

(in no particular order)

1. How I spent my Christmas bonus (or part of it). It's another game that has won German Game of the Year, and we are enjoying it immensely. There's less strategy/density of game play than there is Settlers, but it can get astonishingly tense. And TechnoBoy's game-hating sister actually seemed enthusiastic about it. (She got all passionate about Settlers, too, but in more of a "I'm not walking through that door if you make me play that game" kind of way)

2. Christmas was lovely and exhausting and lovely and lovely. It was just so nice to be all coccooned together under one roof, like the olden days when there was still a farm to gather at. I think there were presents, but I don't remember that, really - I remember being surrounded by people I love.

3. Best Christmas gift? I called my mother on Christmas Day in the evening to ask how her day had been - she'd spent it alone in the nursing home, and I can't tell you how much it hurt to use all her lovely serving dishes and things and not have her here, even though she's still alive. She said "It was a lovely day. We had a beautiful Christmas dinner, and, because I have a cold, they let me drink all the cold water I wanted, all day long." (she's on fluid restrictions because of congestive heart failure) I had a tempestuous childhood - I am so overwhelmed at God's transforming power evident in my mother's life - I remember who she was then, and I am in awe of who she is now. Her world is 10 feet square (approximately) and on Christmas Day, she's thankful for a cup of cold water.

4. My dog lured me into the living room last night to ...cuddle. She kept running over to me and into the living room and back to me and finally I followed her to see what the big deal is and she leaped up on the couch and wagged her tail. I sat down and she crawled into lap and curled up and went to sleep. Wow. Did I ever hate that.

5. Work is really really busy and most of the time I feel caught between work responsibility and home responsibility and not ever being able to judge how effective I'm being anywhere, with any sort of clarity. Except today I came home from work and made supper and played Ticket To Ride with my kids, and felt like I was right on target.

6. A is trying to decide where to go to Junior High. Junior High. How did that happen?

7. One of my favoritist co-workers is haring off to have a baby at the end of next week. The entire office may plunge into a depression - she's one of those upbeat people who make the world grin.

8. There is no end to the number of things a puppy can find to chew on. No. End. Who needs a two year old?

9. I had a positive experience at the dentist last week. I'm still in shock.

10. I had this long funny story about putting dishes in the oven and melting a lid to a large Ziploc container and then I realized - the first time, it's funny. The second time? Not so much. And by the time your neighbour knows it's Tuesday because you're stacking dirty pots on the deck before the ladies arrive for Bible Study - it's time to call in flylady. Or at the very least, stop pretending slovenly = humourous.

11. GREAT read - Kathryn Mackel's BirthRight series. Only two books, but a fascinating premise and a great read.

12. Also, if you like SFF and you haven't read Karen Hancock's Arena yet, I don't know what you're waiting for. And also if the fourth book in the Legends of the Guardian King series doesn't come out soon, my head may explode.

13. Technoboy is a wonderful man (ie flawed and human but he makes me laugh and I respect him) and I'm lucky to have him.

Okay now I have to go beat the pants off him at Cities and Knights.