Sunday, July 23, 2006

Kid Snips

A, just before we leave for church: "do you think I can wear my pink - " she sees her father putting on his socks and stops. "Well if he's wearing those socks with those pants, I can certainly wear these shoes!"


TechnoDad took the kids backpacking this weekend. Packing in, camping at wilderness campsites, the whole nine yards. (I didn't go because of MY STUPID KNEE and our lovely puppy, who wanted to CUDDLE after church) B is cautious about new things but has learned that there's no point refusing to do something he's nervous about it, because the only way out of it is through it. So TechnoDad and I are discussing the Burying of the Toilet Paper and when we're done, B turns to A and says "Don't you think we should ask for some MORE tips, since we have never done this before?"


darien said...

your kids are hilarious. Can't wait to see them again!

Slow'n'Steady said...

you guys HIKE? I have a spot at mt. kidd in August for a week with room for another tent or trailer....