Wednesday, July 26, 2006

because I don't want to forget ...

Someone is teaching my daughter to be inappropriate - I can't think who. Witness the following conversation:

Me: A, please come back and finish your lemonade.

A: I already finished my lemonade.

Me: Well then somebody stopped by and peed in your cup.

A: (without so much as a split second's pause) Well it must have been a point-and-shooter then.

I told her that as her mother, I could not in good conscience laugh at that, even though I thought it was funny, because that would be being a bad example to the children.


B and I are on our own tonight. As so often happens when it's just us, my normally reserved boy has been talking my ear off. Or his head off. Or both. Here's a tidbit of information he offered me right out of the blue.

B: "Mom, do you know sometimes I get up at 1 in the morning? And come into your room? Just to see if there are any cars running?" (you can see the freeway from our bedroom window, way across the green space and the river, etc) "And do you know there are millions of cars going at one in the morning?"

Me: (making a mental note to make sure to wear a nightgown on hot nights when I lie on top of the covers) "I did not know that."

B: "I wonder where they could all be going when it's tomorrow and they haven't had a nap."


lorna said...

Having lived near you for a while, I can imagine it all:)

Slow'n'Steady said...

B comment made me laugh right out loud.

Heather said...

Aaahhhh... makes me miss your kids :-)