Saturday, July 15, 2006

Also, while I'm boring you to tears with the Dog Talk

The last of the dozen or so kennels I left messages with last Monday finally called me back, so now it's official.

Not only did we get the cutest cockapoo in the three westernmost provinces, we got the best deal there was to be had.

(Did I mention she's smart*? She's already not barking her head off in her kennel tonight. She barked and whined and puppy-cursed us for two hours last night, and tonight she tried it on for 5.3 minutes and then just went to sleep.)

*"it's so young who can tell". And if she's so smart, she should say something.**

**if you're not a sibling of my husband's, or married to one, you likely won't understand that. And if you do, I want to know why!


Heather said...

I just wanna say "you COOKED it?"

Marci said...

Okay, now I'm really jealous. Our cockapoo died last summer (she was old, half blind and deaf, so it was time, but we really miss her). I hope yours grows up to become the delight she was to us.
Cute kids too! :)M

ccap said...

Ah rats! Heather already took my comment.

VAIL said...

OHHHHH! Funny how my path led here today! I am seriously considering getting a Cockapoo. My husband is hesitant - we don't know much about them and their personality - he is big on "good breeding". I like the cockapoo's because of the low allergens (I am allergic to dogs but LOVE them), the small size (I want a SMALL dog). but I have 3 kids and don't want something too wild or that ruins my furniture/toys etc.
I'll keep reading your blog for details on your journey with the dog!

Anonymous said...

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