Sunday, July 02, 2006

100 Things About MusicBoy*

*who has done nothing to deserve this, unless you count sitting just across the room from me. See if you can guess which ones his wife helped me with. Oh wait he's helping too.

1) he is currently reading a magazine and ignoring me

2) he does not, to my knowledge, trim his nostril hair

3) he is wearing grey shorts and a grey wifebeater, but he never beats his wife. Not even at cards. I don't even know if it's technically a wifebeater, but I can see his armpit hair.

4) he has a nice wife who has many good qualities but most importantly, she is funny and people should just shut up about all the other stuff already because she just wants someone to get up in public and say she's FUNNY.

5) he wears glasses

6) he has a cavernous belly button

7) his wife just stole his Coke

8) he likes surfing and shopping

9) and getting his hair done (what's left of it)

10) he's really into high fashion

11) and latte

12) and generally hanging around the mall, shooting the breeze

13) his lips and jaw are sexy

14) he likes flowers

15) he likes living close to the mountains

16) he likes cows

17) he likes plants and stuff

18) he has a rubbermaid box filled with cuttings planted in a mixture of coarse sand and vermiculite

19) he slips his snippers and a bottle of water into his pocket when going for walks

20) he loves lasagna

21) he likes Lorna

22) he tolerates his sister-in-law

23) he knows he's having a holiday if he can read for fun

24) and have a snooze in the afternoon

25) he likes making chili

26) he loves raw weiners with ketchup but has learned to eat them in moderation

27) he likes rivers and pretty much any other body of water

28) and rocks

29) and trees

30) he loves his kids

31) and he hardly never yells at them

32) he is quick to do the dishes after a meal (which meal is under debate)

33) he rescued an owl last week

34) he's very, like, strong

35) he's a lot of other adjectives, too

36) apparently he has two nostrils, more than two hairs in those nostrils, and two nostril hair trimmers

37) he married for money

38) he's clean

39) he hasn't showered today

40) he used to have ducks and geese when he was a kid

41) his horse died while he was driving it

42) he lost his wedding ring

43) by accident

44) while he was pruning trees

45) he saw a lynx at the end of his driveway and followed it with his two young sons

46) he has neat handwriting, much neater than his wife's, who has teacher printing that she hates

47) he can spell

48) his wife can still be surprised by flatulence (this is a rephrase of a much longer, sadder story)

49) he should never stay up past midnight

50) there is some debate as to how we are going to react to this post in the morning

51) he hatched woodpecker eggs once

52) his brother once put him a dryer and turned it on

53) which explains his laundry ...fascination

54) sometimes he acts like his Dad

55) he is a hero, and don't make light of it (snogging on the couch - I'm averting my eyes)

56) time to mention family. He's older than his youngest sister, AND his oldest sister.

57) he doesn't really care for hockey (this would be understatement. The big whiner. And he calls himself CANADIAN.)

58) he doesn't get his wife roses, because she likes other kinds of flowers better

59) did I mention he's thoughtful?

60) he slept in the women's hospital

61) he has never had a needle in the butt

62) he's had one root canal, but it wasn't his fault

63) his wife has had none (apparently SOMEBODY thinks this list is about her)

64) his wife didn't follow the lynx because she was mowing the lawn and nobody told her

65) his wife is a Proverbs 33 woman, only less imaginary

66) well, last Sunday he sold a lot of CD's

67) he's irrepressible

68) he's irresponsible

69) good with money, bad with wealth

70) he's never taken a wealth management course of any kind, and foresees no need for it in the future.

71) verbatim from the couch:
L: His favourite flavour is curry.
MB: Shut. Up.
L: He speaks only kind words to his wife.

72) He can't wait to get home and weed the trees.

73) He has a son who picks potato bugs with style and grace.

74) He really admires his sister-in-law.

75) he wears glasses

76) he has more nieces and nephews than you do, and many of them are older than you, too

77) he's not exactly a computer-savvy, a computer ...a ...he doesn't even know what to call computer geeks

78) he decorates his kids birthday cakes

79) he comes when he's called

80) his wife says Umm a lot, especially right now

81) one of his dreams would be start a perennial greenhouse

82) he bought his mother-in-law's farm

83) his favourite cow Blackie died this year. She always came when he called. He called "Come, boss" like his Dad did before him.

84) he talks and walks with his wife.

85) he really draws pretty well

86) he can draw reasonable facsimiles of people. When C was little, the way to keep him quiet in church was to draw cows, so that's what he did. Presumably, they didn't look like people.

87) his youngest son likes to play piano like he does

88) a robin built a nest in his verandah light this year and he didn't destroy it because there was already an egg in it when he discovered it.

89) if it had been a barn swallow, he would have shown No Mercy. And cried about it later.

90) His mother-in-law says he reminds her of her father-in-law, who died when L was 6.

91) Yikes! from the couch potatoes. 91 already! this is followed by accusations that I am making things up.

92) he's brave

93) he is both singing and preaching at his church on July 30, you can all come and listen, if you want to stay for lunch, call ahead.

94) he loves being in the hot tub at his brother's house.

95) he's learned to play Cities and Knights which is remarkable for an old fuddy-duddy like him

96) His oldest son is still up

97) he has two handsome sons. At least one of these sons objects to having his appearance commented on.

98) he likes to walk around outside in the nude, I mean, the rain

99) he likes milk

100) he is moving BACK TO MANITOBA tomorrow and I think that's just plain RUDE.


darien said...

I didn't quite see that he is 'a composer and a singer, and a pianist--and he's excellent at all of them--and other wannabe musicians are jealous of those skills'.

but that's just my unsolicited input.

ccap said...

Many, many comments:
4) Yes, she's funny. I'd agree. (Although, she is a little pompous thinking the list is about her. I didn't see HER name in the subject.)
8-13) Wow. I had no idea! The things you learn about someone after being related for 36 years.
19) Smile. I understand.
23) No doubt! Especially after this past year.
26) Sigh. Head shake.
49) I'm sensing hearty laughing followed by tears, followed by eyeglasses being lifted to wipe tears away followed by falling off couch.
70) he, he.
71) and repeat: he, he.
73) Style and grace? Wow. I'm impressed. I do it with impatience and frustration with a little bit of "job well done"ism thrown in.
79) Not always and he has a scar on his back to prove it.
93) Wow! I (we) just might do that. Although, I'm hearing Mom's voice: "No rest for the wicked", hey?

Heather said...

Okay, I almost peed myself laughing. Seems like SOMEbody's funny around there, whether it's Lorna and/or the other s-i-l, I'm not sure.

What the heck is a "wifebeater"? I'm a little shocked that MB would be wearing one, whatever it is. Especially since he apparently likes high fashion.

#60 - more than once, or just the time he slept with me? Oops - I mean - well, you know what I mean.

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