Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The Best Seven Years Ago Story Yet

June 11

TechnoBoy’s sister was on her way to our city on a business trip that had been planned since early spring. She was bringing her two daughters to visit (both younger than A) and my MIL to help with the babysitting.

She tells the story of that drive something like this. “And every few hours, the cell phone would ring, and it would be them again, wondering if we knew yet what time we would arrive, and I would think I AM TRAVELLING ACROSS TWO PROVINCES WITH TWO CHILDREN UNDER 3 AND I WILL GET THERE WHEN I FLIPPIN’ GET THERE AND STOP NAGGING ME ALREADY!!!!”

They arrived Friday around supper time, having left my FIL at the farm two provinces east the day before at around supper time. A met them at the door. “Please come upstairs”, she burbled.
“Where’s your mom?” my MIL asked.
“Just come upstairs.” (She did a very good job of not giving anything away, A did. I was hiding upstairs because I would not have done that good a job.)
A led them to the closed nursery door.
“Oh, that’s the nursery,” murmured my MIL, memories of our March loss fresh in her mind. “We don’t want to go in there.”
A flung the door wide open, and there was my FIL, holding B. Mom took a step backward, and in pictures taken even half an hour later, she still looks astonished. H said her first thought was that somehow TechnoGeek had rigged a computer to make it look “like my father was sitting in a rocking chair holding a baby.”

We had called my FIL earlier in the week because he wasn’t planning to come with Mom and H, and we wanted him to know what he’d be missing if he didn’t come. He said he’d never be able to come up with a believable excuse to come along at this late date, but he could maybe fly out after they left. (You would have to have known my FIL to know how astonishing that was) Two memories of those days:

1) TechnoBoy telling his Dad what our son’s name was. Dad wrote down the first name as TB spelled it out for him. And then when TB told him B’s second name, Arthur, which was my FIL’s first name, there was a long pause. “Sometimes when you tell me things” he finally said “I have to write them down so I remember them the next day.” Another long pause. “This one I don’t have to write down.”

2) H and Mom and the girls drove off the farmyard, on their way to us, Thursday at around 4 my time. At about 4:02 my time, my phone rang. “Hello?” I said and my calm reserved FIL interrupted me. “I’m about to burst!” he exclaimed. (oh yes, he did, those of you that knew this man) “I thought they’d never leave!!!! And then just as they were leaving, I wanted to call them back and ask them what they thought of the name Arthur!”


Heather said...

Despite all those annoying phone calls, that moment I walked into the nursery room ranks right up there as one of the greatest moments of my life. I still love telling that story to anyone who will listen.

cb/ad said...

It was great to read about your journey to finally have B (and A, too). Even though I've heard the story before from ccap (and how I would give anything to have been a part of that moment), it brought a tear to my eye. I am so happy for you and deserve it.