Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I get to work from home two days a week this summer!!!

I get to let the kids sleep in!!!!!

The kids get to hang out in the neighbourhood and play with their friends a few days a week!!!

i only have to pay for parking three days a week!!!

I get to be a MOM for the summer, when my kids, who are growing up WAY too fast, are HOME.

that time of year

It's the time of year when my fingernails are never clean, no matter how short I cut them, because they spend so much time in the dirt.

The time of year that the kids and I get filthy digging up weeds and turning over winter-hardened earth.

The time of year people are afraid to come to my house because I will bound eagerly out the door and drag them around gushing things like "look at how the galliardia is spreading!" and "did you notice the snow-in-summer is blooming already?"

The time of year that A and B and I take a trip to a greenhouse so they can choose what to plant in their "bits of earth".

The time of year that B sits crosslegged on the sidewalk, digging holes and breaking up rootballs, planting marigolds* with the concentration of a brain surgeon.

The time of year that all the little baby plants are tucked into the rich dark blanket of freshly turned earth, and the bunnies haven't eaten anything, and the sun hasn't killed off the shade plant I put in the wrong place, and nobody playing street hockey has flattened the lavender.

The time of year that's all about doing your cheerful, amateur best, and walking away with a heart full of hope.

*This year he also chose a geranium, a "pink pussytoes", an ornamental strawberry and a perennial pansy - he's branching out. I've never cared for marigolds, but now they make me smile, because they evoke a black-eyed boy up to his elbows in dirt and worms.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Also, I knew it!

I'm the annoying patient who Wants To Know All.

This morning as the chiropractor was making his "delicate" "adjustments", I asked "Ok, you've explained everything else you're doing, but what does what you're doing now accomplish?"

"Oh", he burbled, "I'm just removing your head."

Gardening with B

The kids each have a section of the garden of their own. We were getting things ready to plant, and I told B he could dig the weeds out of his bit of earth, and dig around and make sure the dirt had all been turned over.

B digs industriously for several minutes and then looks up at me: "Why? Because we want to use the bottom of the dirt?"

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Back Schmack, Here's a REAL Problem

How am I going to watch two hours of The Amazing Race, an hour of Lost, AND an NHL play off game in the same night????

I guess I'll be doing a lot of stairs!

And I'm paying for it, too

The chiropractor is slowly taking all the joy out of my life.

No hot baths - in fact, no baths at all. (as if. I don't know what's worse - the assault of a shower, or the depression of a tepid bath)

Sleep with only one pillow.

Sleep on your back or your side, *never* your stomach.

Don't read in bed, in any position.

I go three times a week (making that a grand total of three times so far) and he pushes and pulls and yanks and every time I leave I have a headache that lasts all day (or until I can get to an ice pack, but I haven't gotten smart enough to bring a small bag of peas to work, so that equals - all day)

However, I no longer have to move my entire body in order to do a shoulder check. Who knew that was possible?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Letter Meme

(what does "meme" mean, anyway?? Is it the cyberspace equivalent of jumping up and down and saying "look at me me me"??? I don't mind if it is - I can talk about myself now and then.)

Anyway, the brilliant creator of The Mad Bun (free today!! go read it! then pay money to get The Rest of The Story*) posted a thing a few days ago where someone gives you a letter and you post a certain number of things starting with that letter. Just how many, I forget, so I think I'll go look that up after a while. All I had to do to get my very own letter was leave a comment on her blog, so that's how you get yours, too. Isn't this fun??

My letter is F. First (go look up the number, AP) things that come to mind.

1. Flora Jane Drew. TechnoSpouse and I took a year off to travel, May of '90 to May of '91, and at the very end of our trip, we took the TransSiberian Express** from Beijing to Moscow. They put all the Westerners in the same car, so we shared a berth (if that's what they're called) with Flora. She was a young English girl, and she and I spent the entire ride drinking tea. 6 days and 5 nights. There was a lot of giggling and eating of borscht, as well.

2. Forty-five. In just over a month.

3. Flowers. It's that time of year again. All sorts of lovely green-y things coming up in my garden, and the moss phlox is sprinkling purple most satisfactorily. And the snow-in-summer survived the winter, and the liatris is coming up and and and ...

4. Family. TechnoGeek and A and B, and they couldn't be more surprising and satisfying.

5. Five. The number of days a week I'm working. It's supposed to be a hobby, but I'm working 9 till 4 for the month of May.

6. Fiddlesticks. Because it's fun to say. Go ahead, try it! Three times in a row. Now make it into a song!

7. okay this is supposed to the first ten f-words that come to mind, but I'm hitting a few rejects. Quarter in the swear jar just for thinking it.

8. Reject #2 - do I smell something?

9. Friday night, and I'm blogging and watching the Oilers choke (to be fair, it's only 5 minutes into the first period) and my dishes are done and all four of us in the same room. This is a recipe for contentment.

10. Finito. My arm's asleep. But I lasted fifteen minutes longer than I would have yesterday.

*tm Paul Harvey

** when we were preparing for our trip, I heard about a book entitled "The TransSiberian Rail Guide" that was a compilation of traveller's tales that I thought would be at least interesting and at best, helpful. I asked the guy at the hostel shop if they had it. "No", he said, "And we don't have "Bus Routes in Costa Rica", either.")

Showing Off

It's not like I've been having any trouble with my body lately or anything, but here are three things I consider just plain showing off. People who

1) are asleep

2) are walking without limping

3) can drive or sit down to dinner without their right arm falling asleep

You'll be pleased to know I'm getting some small measure of relief re #3. In absolute "the doctor is just going to say "it's a pinched nerve. It sucks to be you" " desperation, I went to a chiropractor, who yanked my head right off my neck, from left to right and then right to left, in a most professional manner, and I could drive almost all the way home from work without that by-now familiar tingling sensation which meant I had to either stick my arm up over my head (and drive) or lose touch with the steering wheel.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

It's that time of year again

Just in case you don't want to go trolling through all my old posts to read the one I posted last year at the start of soccer season, let me just say this:

What is WITH the soccer snack deal??? My son is SEVEN. He can play street hockey for five hours straight without stopping to take a drink, but if he's playing soccer for THREE MINUTES at a time, WITH FREQUENT BREAKS, he not only needs to have a snack, he needs to sign up to bring all his grubby little friends who HAVEN'T EVEN WORKED UP A SWEAT something to eat as well.

They already have to remember shirt and shorts and shin pads and cleats and a water bottle - what's to stop them from throwing in an orange as well???

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


B got in trouble at school last week. B never gets in trouble at school.

I couldn't decide how I felt. Either I was bothered by his bad choices, or I was delighted that he had finally learned that you can break a rule* and live to see another day.

*I must explain about B and rules. The world is full of rules, many of them unseen, and you must learn these rules through keen observation. Therefore, if all of your classmates are wearing running shoes on Tuesday, and you get six inches of snow on Tuesday night, you don't wear boots on Wednesday because that's not what kids at your school wear. Your mother telling you that many children will be wearing boots because of the six inches of snow will do nothing to make you feel better, and you will bite your nails all the way to school.

This is one example. There are many more, involving (among other things) long pants and long sleeved shirts