Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Walter Yeldham is my new favourite name. I may even go put flowers on his grave, if I can find it, the next time I'm in England.

Dear Anonymous

I love you. I love your parents, for having you. I love your siblings, if you have any. I love whoever has provided you with the means to have a computer, so you could be up reading blogs and googling at 4 o'clock in my morning. I love you for liking my rambling bits, and I love whatever dogged personality trait made you persistent enough to find this treasure for me. I love you for giving me an anonymous Christmas present that has had me sitting at my computer staring at my screen in rapt delight for at least an hour. I have googled and googled and found more places to buy that precious book than I had previously imagined possible.
Thank you thank you thank you. I am completely unfit for the real world today, but I can live with that. Walking on air has its own delights.

Okay if the rest of you want to know what I am talking about, first go here. Then go here. Then go read the comments on the blog entry just before this one, entitled "Thanks for clearing that up."

Anonymous - thanks for clearing that up. Do you need babysitting? A poem written in celebration of the kindness of strangers? A public reading in which I quote "that best part of a good man's life/his little, nameless unremembered acts/of kindness and of love" and tell this story? And I will tell this story, over and over again, and behind it all, in my voice, you will always hear an underlying astonishment that you, whoever you are, you wonderful human being, would do this for me.

I've run out of words. Asante sana, merci beaucoup, gracias.


Anonymous said...

You're welcome. I was afraid you would think I was super creepy. Sorry for so many comments. You can delete the extra ones. I emailed the eBay seller about The Two Thumpers being in Lays of Ind and he replied, "Hi, Thanks for your enquiry. Yes, I can confirm that this book does include that poem. Hope this is of help, happy bidding. Best regards Mike."

Also, there is another copy of the book on eBay that is cheaper.

I'm glad I made your day. That is enough thanks for me, but if you do insist, please send your son to California to clean my room. I read how you asked him to clean the shoe closet and just thought I need one of those! haha

Accidental Poet said...

Oh but the one that Mike has is in such beautiful condition! There's apparently a used bookstore in Toronto that has a copy too - I called there today and left a message but haven't heard back from her yet.
And I think the one at the other link you sent is one I could just buy without having to bid, etc.

Where in California are you? We lived in Pleasanton for 4 years, 1999-2003.

Anonymous said...

I live in Southern California.

I have decided that I definitely want your son to come clean up my room especially after reading this, "I don't QUIT, Mom. I'm not a QUITTER." (I'm still at May 2005) I am secretly hoping he will clean my room and then notice the rest of the house is in such disarray and stay for a while.

But that will mean you will probably not see your son for a few weeks/month.

Also, I have added a pirate cake to my list of demands...ummm things I'd like. haha

darien said... made my day too. Only because I understand completely how much you made hers. And I'm thrilled that she has a great Christmas present such as that that few will even be able to top (especially since she can't find them anyway?) **Grin**

violet said...

Well, if I wouldn't have believed there was a God before, now I would. Happy, happy, happy!!

ccap said...

Yup, darien, I agree. Knowing how much it made her day makes my day too. :-)

Accidental Poet said...

Anon - you made my YEAR.

Violet - I hear you :) My daughter said "Maybe Anonymous is really an angel and God is giving you a Christmas present."

Heather said...

I like the angel theory :-)

Just the other day, AP, when I was cleaning the cupboards, I came across that tape that has 3 or 4 of your family's generations reciting poetry, and I got all nostalgic for your Dad and Grandpa. And then on Sunday, we watched the video tape of Mom's 60th birthday, and your Dad popped on the screen - the last time we saw him alive.

Accidental Poet said...

That's what I always think, too, H, that the last time we saw him was at your Mom's party, but it wasn't. He died in February, so it was the NEXT time we stayed at that hotel as a family, which was when we celebrated your dad's 65th birthday. We hung out at the pool all day, and my Dad walked to McDonald's to get lunch for the grandchildren.

gkgirl said...

wow...that was so sweet
and anonymous turns out to be amusing too...what can be better than

good luck with your search
and keep us posted

walterlando0405 said...

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cumbray said...

To Accidental Poet
I am a Yeldham and related to Walter.
I have probably purchased, as gifts, more copies of Lays of Ind than anyone else on the planet. The illustrations accompanying the poems(mostly also by Walter) are very fine too.The illustration for the Two Thumpers is fun, although this particular one is not by Walter.
I've a good idea where Walter's grave is, so if you are serious about visiting it then I will confirm

cumbray said...

To Accidental Poet
I can confirm that Walter is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery , London. I have not visited it myself, but , because Walter was quite well heeled, I would imagine his monument is substantial.
Official and unofficial details about the cemetery are available on a number of web sites, though there is no specific mention of Walter's grave that I can find.

Best wishes , and if you do visit, please give Walter my regards as well

Accidental Poet said...

Cumbray is there a chance you could e-mail me at I have a million questions :)