Monday, August 29, 2005

Why not? Lizards grow new tails

So why is it, exactly, that I have to go and see my doctor in order to get a refill of a hormone replacement? They used to phone in refills, and bill me. I was fine with that, because the doctor is halfway across the flippin' city, but I've been seeing her for 15 years and I'm reluctant to switch. I can understand wanting to see me periodically for medication of a medical problem, but for ESTROGEN? Is there some suspicion that I will have regrown all my reproductive organs and will no longer be in need of those missing hormones? It's a complete waste of my time, and my doctor's time. She won't even have time to sit down.

"Hi, what can I do for you?" she'll ask.

"I need a refill on the HRT" I'll say.

"Well here you go! Arent' you glad you drove 25 minutes, sat in my waiting room for half an hour, and then waited in this examining room for another 15 minutes just for that? Have a lovely drive home! Hope rush hour isn't too annoying for you!"

I may have to take back some of my ranting against the US Insurance for the Healthy system.


Kassi said...

Same with my epilepsy meds ... I ring in, want the same as last time, same as I've been taking for ummmm ... sixteen years ... most of the time I can get away with a phone order, but occasionally they have an attack of conscientiousness and make me go in for an appointment so I can be weighed and have my BP taken ... waste of my time, their time, my money :(

darien said...

haha...and I try to get in for MY epilepsy meds, book the appointment only to have it cancelled...six times in a row! Now, that is a waste. THey don't like me because I get mad. Oh well.