Saturday, August 13, 2005

Progress Report

puttered and muttered all day, one outfit cut out and sewn, however, this is just the "okay I'll make him some pants out of THIS and a shirt out of THIS just to see if I'm sewing the right size" (he could use an inch or so on the pants, two inches length on the shirt, in case you're curious) The finished outfit is made from Boston Red Sox fabric. I have no idea why, because he's not a baseball fan and we've never been to Boston. Maybe it was the gigantic "B"'s that enthralled him ...

So now it's 5 o'clock and I'm going to get started on the REAL sewing. Thank goodness TechnoMamma'sBoy begged his mother to cook him dinner just once while she was here.

A bientot. (add special characters as necessary)

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Kassi said...

You're so lucky you can still sew for your kids. My rugrats loved me sewing for them until they started having the snotty kids at school making fun of them (and it wasn't like I was dressing them in lime green flares or anything) ... so now I have to content myself with making PJs and other things they'll never be seen in public in :)