Monday, August 22, 2005

Awwww Question of the Day

B, with a gigantically fat lip after an altercation with an uncarpeted stair: "Will my real lip come back?"

And just as I'm typing this, he came in with a bag of baguettes I just bought: "Are these to make lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng sandwiches?"

And A left me an extremely precious note last night while MusicFreak* and I were out at a concert, but she's asked me not to talk about why. Let me just say that it made me want to scoop her out of her bed and cuddle her all night long.

*this is a rhyming slang nickname for TechnoGeek - there was nothing Techno about him last night. It was a bit frightening, all in all.


Heather said...

MusicFreak? I gotta know... what concert, and what was frightening?

Accidental Poet said...

Fogerty/Mellencamp and what was frightening was how MusicFreak knew the words to absolutely every song either one of them sang. Two bars in, he could name the song. And it's not like he listens to them all the time. He even hummed along with a completely new one.