Saturday, August 13, 2005


Kids go back to school Tuesday. Mother (i.e. me) sewing new clothes for first day of school because they're still letting me do it. Have patterns and fabric and that's IT. Also have 7 extra people here.

No sweat. Just no blogging. While you're waiting, here's some pics from OTHER First Days.

Okay never mind, apparently I *can't* get that to work at the moment.

Pics on Tuesday, as I'm sobbing my way through my day.


darien said...

wow, that summer sure went by fast! Remember when we went to Applebees for chicken fingers because your daughter said that's where i should take you (and that's what you should have?) when she went to kindergarten? Ah yes, great days!

Annjay said...

I just love your name..... me too!!! What a lovely family, I can just see the circle skirts.

Have fun.