Thursday, March 31, 2005

Why this Blog is NOT Entitled Goddess of All Things Domestic

So my house is full of company over Easter weekend. I can handle this because a) I love Mr AH's family with my whole heart fervently and b) I never plan ahead, so I don't have a clue what all has to be done until I'm in the middle of things and it's too late to do it anyway. And c) Mr AH's family helps a lot. So the MIL (who is, by the way, the most wonderful woman on earth, so wonderful that I once won $100 for a poem I wrote extolling her virtues) plans to cook Easter dinner. We all want chicken, because Mom's chicken dinners are something indeed to write home about. (even to blog about) There's chicken and stuffing and potatoes and gravy (and she makes better gravy than the best gravy you have ever tasted, whoever you might be) and vegetables and some kind of salad (I made one this time, it was the least I could do) and this Mennonite concoction called "bubbat" that sounds weird but isn't ...but I digress. Ten people, one small chicken. Lorna-whose-anonymity-I've-forgotten-to-preserve and I go shopping for more chicken. We find a 12 lb turkey for $12. (do the math - it was a good price) We get home with it and there is protesting from people who shall remain nameless because why complain about him - look what a good family came with him when I married him! He finds turkey meat too dry, as do others in the family. We decide that Mom will cook the chicken AND the turkey - they both fit in the roaster. However, when dinner rolls around, the chicken is cooked, and the turkey, with exception of one drumstick, is not. So we (we being Mr AH's brother MusicBoy) hack the drumstick off the turkey and slice up the chicken and put it on the table, where the meat gets lost in a vast sea of food, and we only eat half of it.

I have an entire 12 lb turkey left over - and no one in this house likes turkey. I also have a turkey carcass left over. I was going to throw it out, but there's that soup thing. The thing is - I make crappy soup. (not literally) I wholeheartedly embrace my failure in this area, because while I basically have NO clue what I'm doing in the kitchen, I can make good pie crust. It's not fair, but I know people who are GREAT at soup, and not so much with the pie crust. It all lends credence to my conviction that if you take a long enough view, there is balance in the world.

Which seems as good a place to end as any.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Differing experiences

I've nicknamed the lovebird "Clarkie Malarkie" and I let him out of his cage alot.

A, on the other hand, keeps well away from him, and has nicknamed him "Sir Bites-a-lot". I think she smells tasty to him.

It doesn't get any better than this ...

Spring Break, kids are home, I'm listening to music and my kids are making blow pen pictures and presenting them to me. B has one of a lion and a snake and the snake is covered in blood. I still hung it up. And loved how straight his back was while he walked proudly away to tell his sister he thought I'd hang that one up, too, if she wanted me to.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Bright Sparks Corner

1) Yesterday morning I was writing a cheque, and asked the air, as one does when one is thinking out loud: "What's the date today?"
"March 28", says B, my five year old numbers boy, without a calendar in sight.

2) A got her progress report from gymnastics yesterday. First session she's been in, and they're set up to be one badge per session. How many badges did Little Miss Agile get?


Monday, March 28, 2005

The birdies

So I'm babysitting birds this week. Mr AH is less than delighted, but is trying to be a good sport. The guinea pig is trying to learn English, just so he can tell me that the lovebird is too loud, and if I don't get rid of it, he's never coming out of his hutch again. (it's just a gesture on his part - the hutch is smaller than he is, so if he backs in so you can't see his face, most of his butt hangs out. But he thinks he's making a point) (I may be projecting here)

So there's Clark, the lovebird, who is endearingly tame and exceedingly loud. When I run water in the bathroom sink, with Clark on my shoulder, he comes down and sits on my hand and takes dainty sips of water and twice he's had a little bird bath. It's very cute. The thing that's not so cute is Clark has limited patience for children, and my children adore him. Clark sweetly hopped onto B's shoulder today, hopped cheerfully up to B's neck, and bit him in the ear. And that was so much fun he wandered around to the other side and bit his other ear. B is a stoic young thing, but after the second love nibble, he said "You can take him now if you want."

And then there's Buddy, the geriatric budgie. I open her cage, and she gazes longingly at the door. She tolerates humans, but only long enough to ride on my hand until she can hop onto the top of her cage and lie down. I'm not joking. She lies down, and if she could speak English, she'd say "Look, I'm older than most budgies. I've behaved. Can I please GO now?"

I want to keep Clark forever, but I want him de-barked first. Can you debark a lovebird?

Sunday, March 27, 2005


...that we have a keyboard so that our house can be filled with the sound of Mr AH's too-good-for-this-world brother playing and singing when he's here visiting.

Another of my favourite things

Sunday morning, the alarm goes off at 7 as usual but we don't have to get up then, and I lie there cuddling with Mr AH and listening to praise music on the radio. It's an oasis of peace in our busy lives.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Amazing Tidbit #4

Bye Patrick. You can stop obsessing about Rob and Amber now.

Lynn and Alex: Look what happens to people who obsess about Rob and Amber.

Rob: You made me be a bad example to my children, making me laugh so hard at the horseshoe remark.

Brian and Greg: Next week's previews are freaking me out. If you're out there somewhere, e-mail me! I need to know you're okay.

Uchenna and Joyce: I love you. Joyce, you rocked at the horse thing, because you never never never lost it even though you and the horse were not necessarily on the same page a lot of the time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Just a wee thought

Static Guard(tm) stinks. I always hope people know that's not my perfume they're smelling.

Epiphany on Deerfoot Trail

So I'm driving home from work and this big freaking semi changes lanes and nearly takes me out. I lean on the horn for several seconds (Appeal to Those Who Know Me: Is this typical behaviour?) and then I scream, so loud it makes my throat hurt: JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE BIGGER THAN ME DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN PUSH ME OFF THE ROAD YOU STUPID JERK!!!" Part of my brain says "umm? yes it does?" and the other part says "Whoa. Rage. Where'd that come from?" and then my brain does this weird stream of consciousness rampage through an alternate reality where I see myself smashing many glass dishes and punching things and dropkicking things over the back fence and screaming at people who don't know what A MERGE LANE IS FOR, DO I HAVE TO DRAW YOU A PICTURE??? And the scariest part of all that is the last picture my brain puts on the screen, leaving it there for me to contemplate is, a month ago, holding my mother's hand in a hospital 1000 miles from home, waiting to find out what her chances at recovery are.

Think it might be time for me to sort out how I feel about that whole thing?

Monday, March 21, 2005

Book Stick

Trolling through blogs I found this marvelous one:

and there was a post entitled Book Stick, with the word "meme" mentionned as well and then she answered all these neat questions and whoever commented first got to do the same thing, so I followed the link to where those answers were and whoever commented first got to answer - you get the picture. Anyway it's my turn, and I'll pass it along the same way they did, so if you want to blog your own answers, comment first and it's your baby :)

Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?
The hero in Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles, and the narrator in a short story called The Affair. Oooh and that guy from the Lions of Al-Rassan ...

The last book you bought:

The Last Light of the Sun, Guy Gavriel Kay

The last book you read:

A Poetry Handbook, Mary Oliver

Five books you would take to a deserted island:

1) Out of Africa
2) Possession, AS Byatt
3) Alphabet of Thorn, Patricia McKillip
4) Tigana, Guy Gavriel Kay
5) The Bible

Who will you pass this stick to and why?
Whoever grabs it first, because I think that's how it's supposed to work :) However, there's nothing stopping anyone from starting their own ...

It was a good idea while it lasted

Thinking VERY seriously about doing the dishes this morning, I spy the magnetic poetry box on top of the fridge. Close my eyes and dip out these words, in this order:


Ewwwwwww. So much for inspirational magic.

The One I Promised Heather

From an article entitled "Waking Art", by Bill Bunn

"Sometimes, I, as a Christian, believe that my thinking is mostly finished. I have a fixed set of beliefs, and deep down I nurture the thought that almost everything I believe holds a rational seed somewhere, that all aspects of my faith are explainable, and once the explanation is given, I can give up thinking. I remember some years ago, a Sunday School teacher explaining to my class the mystery of the Trinity: "God's like an egg," he said. "There are three parts, yolk, white and shell, yet these three parts make only one egg." The deep mystery of the Godhead is reduced to a common household staple. I certainly understood an egg, and found it comforting that God might be so like something I already knew. After an explanation like that, I could divert any thought I might give to the Trinity to other things, because the mystery has been clearly solved. The mystery of God, his grace, his way in the world, are mysteries. And mysteries deserve our wonder, thoughtful amazement and continuous contemplation, rather than a glib, one-time answer. In other words, good art can help jolt me back into an attitude of wonder, which, on the subject of God, is more reasonable that a clear-cut set of answers. God invites continuous contemplation, not the settling of thought."

Kid Speak

A and B, (yes their names really do start with A and B. No, it wasn't planned) in the backseat today:

B (5) is playing charades with fries. A (9) guesses "beard" with no problem. B sticks a fry in the middle of his forehead. A has more trouble with this more. B gives her a hint, which at his age means "gives her the answer". "It's a pony with a point." Well of course it is. Who wants to be pointless?

And along the lines of A and B ...I'm cranky today. (Mr AH just shouted "aha!" at the computer screen, reading this, because I've been denying it all day) As we left the restaurant where we had lunch today, Mr AH said something so inconsequential I've completely forgotten what it was, but it bugged me. I started to say something rude, and then switched mid-sentence to "Thank you, dear." Mr AH laughed and said "B was better than A.", which I laughingly agreed with.
Cue outraged protest from A, in the back seat. "I didn't do anything wrong!!" So we had to explain to her, that inexplicable as it might be, we weren't actually talking about her or her brother.

Sunday, March 20, 2005

It's an uphill fight ...

B finds his Preschool Diploma in his room the other day, crumples it up and throws it out. I retrieve it from his garbage can. "Don't you want to keep it?" He gives me a look of utter disbelief and walks away and I realize that 30 years from now, it won't matter what year he "graduated" from preschool, and if it does, we can do the math. (If he can't do the math, maybe they sprung him too early) I toss it into the garbage in our bedroom. Mr AH sees me "What's that?" "B's preschool diploma" I shrug. "Apparently he's done with it."

Mr. AH stares at me aghast. "Why did he even HAVE it?" he asks, smoothing it out.

I'm caught between a PackRat and a minimalist.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Haiku for someone I ran into at work

computer tech
wrinkled Dockers, Tilley hat
fashion statement?

Amazing Race Tidbit #3

Rob, Rob, Rob - how are you doing this to me? If anyone pulled the kind of stunts you do, it would infuriate me. Yet somehow, from you, it's entertaining.

RAY! What is your PROBLEM? Why oh why do you just listen to Rob??? Are you under the impression that Rob wants YOU to win the million? (He doesn't)

Deana: the next time someone tells you can't do something, you get yourself a big old helping of "oh yeah?!?!" and choke it down, okay? you're embarrassing me.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005


So yesterday I'm on my way to the doctor and for once I allow plenty of time for getting lost and/or finding a parking space, and I even have something to read in case I don't need extra time. Well the doctor's office (I've never been to this one before) is in one of those trendy little areas that have no parking whatsoever and I drive around the block several times trying to figure out how many blocks away I have to park when it happens ...right in front of the building, a spot opens up. Hardly daring to believe my good luck, I pull in, but I'm not close enough to the curb, so I have to try the intimidating task of Parrallel Parking the Van. I pull out a bit to attempt this and SOMEONE PULLS IN BEHIND ME. There is no way on earth this guy thought I didn't want to park there - he watched me pull in there not 5 seconds before that. If I don't drive in a manner that screams INEPT PARKER!!!, no-one does. I backed up a bit just to scare him (his eyes, in my rear view mirror, widened satisfactorily) and then I drove off because I'm a big fat chicken and I also don't like being nasty to strangers. (Or people I know, for that matter.) It's more dangerous to strangers, though, because I have fewer brakes if I know I'll never see them again. And that just doesn't sit well with the WWJD attitude I try to maintain.
I ended up parking a block away, and it was a nice walk on a not-quite-wintry day and at least I get to blog it !
The worst part was that even after putting money in the parking meter, I still had enough to pay for the train downtown so I couldn't justify driving downtown and paying for parking when I went to work a few hours later. (The train from the Zoo costs $2, parking there is free, parking downtown costs me $16 - it's not really much of a decision, but every now and then I want an excuse.)

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My daughter tries her hand at blogging

Twenty Things About A
(dictated to me over lunch at Boston Pizza)

1. h8s2clean, just like her mom
2. loves to jump in puddles
3. favourite store: Claire's
4. favourite TV shows: That's SO Raven, 6teen
5. favourite food: Boston Pizza
6. is a carnivore/omnivore because of chocolate beans
7. favourite colour: sky blue pink
8. I like riding on my scooter
9. I like shopping
10. I like dancing
11. My eye colour is greenish blue
12. I always love going to Disneyland and Calaway Park.
13. I like fast roller coasters.
14. I like to party.
15. I like root beer.
16. I take gymnastics, piano, and AWANA.
17. I like Nerds.
18. My best friend's name is Quita.
19. My favourite reality show is the Amazing Race and ...
20. I think Patrick needs to shut up.

FavoUrite E-mail of the Day (so far)

"Some mornings, it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps."
Emo Philips

B* makes a discovery

Driving up to his friend's house this morning, my five year old remarked "Mom, I think some basements are in the ground."

(Our house has a walk-out basement, and before we lived in this house, we spent four of his formative years in California where basements don't exist. Well, they do, but they're external and they're called garages. No-one parks vehicles in their garages, because they need the storage space. And you don't have to brush rain off your car in the event of bad weather.)**

*don't you just love this pseudo-anonymity. Like anyone who doesn't already know who we all are is reading this ...
**how is it that the parenthetical and/0r footnoted bits, theoretically the asides, are most of what this post is?

Monday, March 14, 2005

Think I'm unclear on the concept?

I keep checking my own blog to see if anything has changed.

The conversations you can't foresee

5 year old son, eating lunch: "Actually, I'm not really hungry for toast."
Me: "But I asked you if you wanted a toasted peanut butter sandwich and you said yes."
{long pause}
Son: "Well you didn't tell me it would be COOKED."

Sunday, March 13, 2005

Haiku for a treasured friend

late-night laughter
brunches, Scrabble, matinees
brain tumour simmers

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Navel-gazing? If you insist ...

100 Things About Me

1) I lack focus. (for example: I've had this blog for approximately a week and I'm already tired of the way it looks.)
2) I love books. I often can't fall asleep at night without a book in my hand.
3) I write a lot of poetry I don't like, even some the Editor Side of my brain recognizes as well-done.
4) I take my socks off without realizing it, and leave them all over the house. This is not high on Mr AH's Favourite Things About His Wife.
5) I am ruining the next generation - my daughter has the same sock problem I do.
6) I love nativity scenes.
7) I hate the first day of school. I often resent my kids teachers for a few days, taking my children away from me and using up all their time like that.
8) I have naturally curly hair. (Take that, Charlie Brown's little sister)
9) I have no idea why I am even attempting this list. Even I am not this interested in me. However, two people I love dearly have done this and I read both of those with great interest, and, it's better than a sharp stick in the eye.
10) Guilty Secret #1: I like reality TV. Not all of it, I'm very selective. (that snort you hear is Mr AH reading that)
11) Guilty Secret #2: If one more person asks me for something tonight, my head will explode. Wait, that's more like a Dire Prediction than a Guilty Secret.
12) I used to knit with unbridled passion.
13) I own four pairs of thong underwear. I don't like them.
14) I like my feet.
15) I like to decorate for Christmas, but I hate putting it all away.
16) I like outdoor birdfeeders.
17) I speed. A lot. I'm sometimes sorry about it, but I hardly ever get caught.*
18) I love Thai food, Vietnamese food, Chinese food (NOT North American Chinese food!!!) but I rarely cook it. Ok, never.
19) I have a gap between my two front teeth.
20) I have a weakness for personality tests, and those "free" IQ tests that pop up on the Internet now and then, and I always do the test, even though it's the same one every time, and I never sign up for the free account to find out what my IQ is. Mensa's loss.
21) Oft Trotted Out Quote #1: "Your reader is your creative partner."
22) I just bought two brand new pairs of walking shoes that are almost embarrassing to wear, they're so shiny. I think they can be seen from outer space. There's the Great Wall of China, and then, over on that other continent, those four stationary lights? My walking shoes.
23) I recently returned to work after being home with my children for nine years.
24) I love working. I just wish the Housekeeping Fairy would find my house already.
25) Oft Trotted Out Quote #2: "We think that life should be fair because God is fair. When we confuse God with the physical reality of life, we set ourselves up for crushing disappointment."
26) I drink a lot of water.
27) Guilty Secret #2: I roll my eyes at the words to a lot of the choruses we sing in church.**
28) I like to sing hymns because if I'm very careful not to turn my head I can hear my father (1933-1995) singing on one side of me, and my father-in-law (1934-2003) on the other.
29) I have a complicated relationship with my mother.***
30) I always wanted to have hands like my grandmother, whose end joint on her baby fingers angled towards her ring fingers. I have no idea why this appealed to me.
31) Oft Trotted Out Quote #3: "Lose your favourite lines."
32) I hate it when people tell me I'm funny.
33) I like it when people treat like me like I'm intelligent.
34) I like camping.
35) I don't floss.
36) I can barely let myself not buy something if it has a Canadian flag on it. Airports are a torment, I tell you!****
37) I have been to over 40 countries.
38) I don't know what to drink any more. V8 juice is good for you, but it's acidic and gives me heartburn. Coke is poison, Diet Coke makes my hands go numb, everything else has caffeine or sugar in it. I'm getting tired of water.
39) I wish I was (were?) a better cook.
40) I hate wearing a bra.
41) I like to sleep with the curtains open.
42) It's a good thing I'm married because if I were single (if I was single?) I'd have more pets than a pet store.
43) Oft Trotted Out Quote #4: "In paradox is hidden truth."
44) I have an unhealthy appreciation for computer games.
45) I like almost anything by Michael Card.
46) I'm too old to remember my first crush.
47) I don't write fiction. I have a sneaking suspicion it has more to do with laziness than anything else.
48) I love reading poetry in public.
49) I like the sound of my singing voice, especially on that rare occasion that I'm singing in the same key, at the same speed, as the rest of the church.
50) I like the sound of my singing voice when I'm alone. (I know I should have just revised #49 but this is the most I've written since I was in high school. Except for that one short story. I'm exhausted. I don't get how people can write novels. Whole books. It's beyond me. I'm taking up haiku. )
51) The first time I ever submitted anything for publication, it was accepted.
52) I didn't believe my mother when she told me my father was dead. Like she'd make that up.
53) I hate the taste of Selkirk water, and powdered skim milk. Both of these are beverages that I drank in copious quantities as an adolescent.
54) I am embarrassed by how competitive I am when I'm playing Scrabble.
55) I'm not competitive playing Scrabble online.
56) Oft Trotted Out Quote #5: "I write because I don't know what I think until I read what I say."
57) Oft Trotted Out Quote #5.3 "My beard grows to my toes/I never wears no clothes/I wraps me hair/around me bare/And down the road I goes."
58) I have a weakness for McDonald's breakfast burritos.
59) I hate it when I have to work mornings instead of afternoons.
60) I love going out for supper by myself.
61) I've always wanted a canary.
62) I've never been pregnant.
63) I often forget that my children are not biologically related to me.
64) I'm not good at love poems.
65) I prefer gold jewelry.
66) I have reallllllllllllllllllllllly wide feet.
67) I wear glasses.*****
68) I lose my keys with depressing frequency. Once, I was ten minutes late picking my daughter up for lunch. I'm searching frantically through the house when the phone rings. It's my 8 year old daughter, calling from the school office: "Mom? your keys are on the back of the toilet in the upstairs bathroom."
69) My favourite number ;)******
70) I always try to memorize phone numbers. As a result, I have random phone numbers floating around in my brain, unattached to any other data. Sometimes I phone them. This is rarely a good idea.
71) Poets I enjoy: Mary Oliver*******, Billy Collins
72) Poets whose skill leaves me breathless, but whose poetry is not precisely enjoyable: Sharon Olds
73) I love my children more than I could ever have imagined.
74) I know a whole lot less now than I did when I was 20, but I don't mind.
75) The best farewell gift I've ever received: Toot and Puddle, and Winter Wheat. I got all goose pimply. And the tin of home baked cookies, and the tears.
76) I like to sew.
77) I talk utter nonsense in my sleep. It's sometimes very elaborate. I'm very worried about the toilet habits of our pets in my sleep. This would make more sense if we had pets.
78) At this precise moment, I have diarrhea. This is interfering with the cohesiveness of the piece.
79) I have no patience for cryptic poetry.
80) Poets I respect because I will never write like that, not if I live to be a thousand: Karen Connolly, Jan Wood.
81) At this precise moment, I should be doing laundry or dishes.********
82) It must be time for Guilty Secret #4: I watch reruns of Everybody loves Raymond.
83) I wiggle my big toes when I'm relaxed. I often don't know I'm doing it.
84) I ruin my hairdo when I'm thinking.
85) Spiders creep me out. This has only been true since I lived in California and twice had to be on horse pills because of infected spider bites.
86) I'm putting myself to sleep doing this.
87) I've only ever had one manicure in my entire life.
88) I haven't shaved my legs in three years (or so) and there's no visible hair on my legs. I used Nair twice ...the hair follicles all ran away from home. Apparently.
89) I don't much care for chocolate.
90) I was born with a hole in my heart. It's gone now.*********
91) I make great pie crust, and this never fails to astonish me.
92) My favourite sound in the whole world is the sound of a roomful of people holding their breath so they don't miss a word of what I'm reading. That's healthy crack, is what that is.
93) Okay that's my second favourite sound. My favourite sounds are my children being nice to each other, and the sound of my husband's voice across the room at work.
94) Guilty Secret #next: I not only watch reality TV, I read the chat forums.
95) Author whose latest release I will always buy, even if it's still in hardcover and costs Way Too Much: Patricia McKillip
96) I no longer understand the concept of "best friend". Best friend for what? laughing? Avoiding laundry? Playing Scrabble? Praying? Asking me the hard questions? Writing poetry? late night coffee? Crying long distance? admitting my fears to?
97) Mr AH and his family are some of the best things that have ever happened to me.
98) I'm allergic to nickel.
99) I like being outside after dark.
100) I cannot imagine living in this world without the presence of God in my life.

*tomorrow on the way to church? Speeding ticket. Count on it.
**could someone tell me what "dancers who dance upon injustice" is supposed to mean? Or how "you took the fall" is in any way "like a rose trampled on the ground"? Did the rose willingly fling itself onto the footpath? If not, how is that in any way like taking a fall?
***I am well aware that this does not make me unique in any way.
****that would be the three of you who will make it this far into this list.
*****(now there's a newsflash for the two people still reading this. Are those the glasses I help you find every morning? one of them is asking the screen)
******I'd apologize for that, but the only person still slogging through this already knew that.
*******Thank you, Lady Gray. (you know who you are.)
********This is always true.
*********Metaphorically as well as physically.

Now here's a compliment ...

"If I ever get stuck in an elevator, I want it to be with you."

Friday, March 11, 2005

Why My Christmas Tree Is Still Up

I jest. It's been down for days. At first I was leaving it up because I love my house and I love Christmas and I love my house decorated for Christmas, and my son was also reluctant to have it all disappear, so that was my excuse through January. And it was really more of a reason than an excuse.
And suddenly, with no more than 31 days notice, it was February, and did I mention I started working part-time in November and this has rendered me completely unable to keep up with my life? I haven't? Well I'm sure I'll get to that ...where was I? Oh yes February, tree up. I wanted to take it down on the weekend but I kept having to do other things on the weekend like cook and have Meaningful Moments with the children and ...okay, sleep in ...and THEN it was Family Day weekend and I was SURE I would get a chance to take it down then but then I had an out of town emergency and was out of town for a week and FINALLY I stayed up until midnight taking it down because I couldn't stand the thought of one more Bible Study in my living room with the tree gleaming beautifully in the corner and all our friends alternating being making fun of me and making genuine offers to help. I responded badly to both approaches, btw, because a) the being made fun of was getting past the sell by date and 2)* I didn't want anyone else putting my stuff away. Also, if you go through life saddled with my particular lack of ability to focus for more than 5 minutes on any given task, you develop an antipathy towards organized people who are always doing your dishes for you before you get to them! (just for example) I didn't want a Charity Tree Dismantling - I just wanted time to do it. And what I was really lacking was remembering it needed to be down at the same time as I had time to take it down. (for instance - I started this blog before I took it down. Had I made a prioritized list, this would not have been the case)

Okay enough already. If you leave comments, they don't have to make sense. Name a colour, use a foreign language ...I don't care. And I don't care if there are comments either, I'm just making suggestions.

*yes I know. I'm under the impression that I'm being clever. Please leave me with that illusion.

Amazing Race Tidbit #2

1) Apparently Patrick doesn't read this blog.

2) watching the opening credits last Tuesday, my oh-so-perceptive 9 year old said "I bet Megan and Heidi go next, because their opening pictures all only about being pretty."

3) Brian and Greg? THAT WAS TOO CLOSE. Don't scare me like that again.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Amazing Race tidbit #1

Because it can't be said too often:

Shut up, Patrick.

He'd be in hot water if we HAD any

I've just recently started reading blogs. They appeal to me. So here I am doing one of my own. The problem is, it's a bit like reality TV - I'm not quite ready to admit I've joined up yet. So basically, I have my own private journal on the Internet. I'm still thinking about what kind of geek that makes me ...
At first I thought an anonymous blog would be a great idea, because I could just log on and complain about everything in my life that annoys me. Now that I've finally gotten off my ... and started one, there's nothing to complain about. Except of course the hot water situation in our house. A few months ago, the hot water started running at the speed of ...of ..of a very slow thing. It is now a mere trickle. (I left it running by accident, in the "big tub" upstairs last week and forgot about it and came back AN HOUR later and it was still 4" from the top.) Mr AH tells me that hot water tanks do this as they age, not unlike people, apparently. The happy thing is that unlike people, you can just yank your old hot water tank out and throw in a new one. Some people accomplish this remarkably quickly. Some people, however, are Mr AH, who is the antithesis to a Luddite, and MUST HAVE new technology if it exists. Did you know there's new hot water tank techonology? Neither did I. I'm not even going to begin to TRY to explain it, except the bottom line is that the NT hot water heater costs approximately way more than a regular hot water heater, so Mr AH is now stuck in the Agonization stage of Large Expenditure. He seems to be making little progress, and in the meantime, it takes half an hour to run 6" of water into the tub.

Upcoming posts: (maybe) form poetry and its creation, guinea pigs, Overheard on the Train, and Why My Christmas Tree Is Still Up